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Lamar Odom holed up in drug den with two women

Things seem to be going downhill fast for Lamar Odom, who is now locked up in a home with two women smoking crack nonstop.

Lamar Odom
‘s drug situation has taken a turn for the worse after reports claim he’s holed up in a private home smoking tons of crack cocaine with two young women.

Several sources have told TMZ that Odom is living in a house about 100 miles from Los Angeles, where he’s been partying with the two women while doing crack and other drugs. Apparently, according to the insiders, Odom has even gotten intimate with one of the women.

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The basketballer allegedly has a driver who is sent out continuously to go get the drugs for him and his girls. Odom is very paranoid he’ll be discovered, so he has the driver only bring small quantities of drugs at a time to divert attention from him. He thinks people are out watching him and tapping his cell phone, so he uses an app that erases all text messages upon being read.

Never leaving the home, all Odom does now is smoke crack, listen to rap music and party with the two girls and his best friend, who is also rumored to live at the home. His life revolves around the drug and he doesn’t care about anything else. This house is the third residence he’s lived in for the last two months, as he’s moving often in fear that he’ll be found.

Meanwhile, Odom lashed out at his dad, Joe Odom, for saying he needs to dump his wife Khloé Kardashian because her whole family is a bad influence on him. Joe Odom also insisted that his son does not have a drug problem and is fine.

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But the younger Odom defended the Kardashian clan with a tweet that said, “they are the ONLY ones that have been here consistently 4 me during this dark time.” He also blamed himself for his drug issues and told his dad to leave alone “the ones who have done nothing but protect me of this!”
Odom hasn’t said anything else after that tweet, but the TMZ sources are saying he thinks Khloe Kardashian will be by his side no matter what, and she won’t leave him because he knows she loves him. However, the reality starlet was recently seen partying with friends and looking happy, although she was still wearing her wedding ring.

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