Justin Timberlake: When superstars become starstruck

Sep 26, 2013 at 11:15 a.m. ET

It's hard to comprehend that some of our favorite celebrities are also fans, and when they meet their idol, they stammer and drool on themselves like the rest of us. Here are a few superstars who got super starstruck.

Justin TimberlakeMichael Jordan

Justin Timberlake/Michael Jordan

When you type "cool" into Merriam-Webster, a picture of Justin Timberlake should pop up. The guy's got a hot wife, an unstoppable music career, a successful acting career and he's so freakin' funny he's a regular on Saturday Night Live. So who could make this boy quake in his Italian boots? His idol Michael Jordan. Tuesday JT went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and admitted that Michael Jordan was "the only person that I actually freaked out when I met." Why? In his trademark wise-cracking way, Timberlake explains, "I thought I was going to play in the NBA like every white kid from Memphis, Tennessee."

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Angelina Jolie Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber/Angelina Jolie

There is being cool (Timberlake) and there's thinking you're cool (Justin Bieber). Still, with a fan base millions of girls strong, it must take a lot to faze the Biebs. When Bieber bumped into Angelina Jolie at the 2011 Golden Globes, we learned he's not immune from the spell Jolie has over men (or teen boys). JB asked if he could have his pic snapped with Brad Pitt's baby mama on the red carpet, and then proceeded to tweet the above picture with, "Angelina Jolie with @justinbieber and 3D #purpleglasses oh yeahhhhh." Since this young man has been making headlines more for getting in trouble than for his music lately, maybe Jolie can adopt him for a while and get him back in line.

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Selena Gomez

Brad Pitt

Selena Gomez/Brad Pitt

It would appear that Angelina is not the only one who inspires awe in others in the Jolie-Pitt household. Bieber's ex (is this just getting weird? Like two-degrees-of-separation-weird?) Selena Gomez met Pitt at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and reportedly hid under a table afterward. Ah, kids. In Gomez's defense, who wouldn't act a fool when meeting Pitt? We'd probably stick out our hand and call him Tristan (from Legends of the Fall) by mistake.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Jack Nicholson

Jennifer Lawrence/Jack Nicholson

When Jack Nicholson interrupted an interview of Jennifer Lawrence right after she won her Oscar at last year's Academy Awards, Lawrence just froze. Who can blame her? It would be strange to be a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene and win an Oscar, and on top of that be acknowledged by a movie legend. Plus, Nicholson is intimidating. If we met him, we'd half expect him to get weirded out and say, "Wendy, I'm home," or glare at us with that demeaning stare and snarl, "You can't handle the truth." We're with Lawrence on this one. We'd get the deer-in-headlights look, too.

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Robert Downey Jr

Steven Spielberg

Robert Downey Jr./Steven Spielberg

After waiting 25 years to have a bump-into-Steven-Spielberg moment, the seemingly ultra laid-back Robert Downey Jr. choked. He didn't know what to say or do. Spielberg has the kind of clout that makes and breaks careers every day. After Spielberg visited with Downey Jr. about a couple of things, and RDJ flatlined, we're guessing Iron Man would do anything for a do over.

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