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Parachute’s Overnight: Track by Track, Episode 1

Pop rockers Parachute just released their third studio album, Overnight, and they are giving fans a firsthand account of what it takes to put an album together — track by track.


A lot can happen when you win a commercial deal with a skin care line.

See, the guys from Parachute weren’t always called Parachute. In fact, the original band name, Sparky’s Flaw, originated way back when the guys were in high school.

But in 2008, the guys got a commercial deal with skin care line Nivea, and because skin care lines are about hiding flaws — not flaunting them — the guys had to change their name.

Thus, Parachute was born.

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The guys recently released their third album, Overnight, and along with the album, they have released a series of three videos that give fans an insider’s look at each of the tracks on the album.

The videos also give some very interesting insight into lead singer and songwriter Will Anderson’s thought process when writing this album.

Episode 1 deals with the first three tracks off the album.

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“Meant to Be”

Will explains that this was one of the last songs he wrote for the album and that there was a chance it wouldn’t make the final cut. However, at the end of the process of deciding what songs should and should not be included on the album, everyone ended up voting to include this one. So, “Meant to Be” made it — into the leadoff spot, no less.

“Can’t Help”

“Can’t Help” is their current hit, but it took a while for the guys to get the song just right. Will explains that they actually recorded this song a couple of times.

Written with One Republic‘s Ryan Tedder, the song was originally intended for CeeLo Green before Will decided to keep it. Listen to the song again — and this time, think CeeLo. I’m not sure I can ever hear this song the same again.

“Drive You Home”

Will explains that he likes to mess around with certain styles, and “Drive You Home” is a hybrid of modern rock and pop with a bit of U2 thrown in.

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So those are the first three tracks off Parachute’s new album, Overnight, which you can buy right now at iTunes by clicking here. You can watch the first Overnight: Track by Track episode below, and don’t worry — there are more episodes to come.


What do you think of the songs so far? Do they make you want to buy the album? Let us know in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Island Def Jam

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