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The Originals‘ sneak peek: New details about Episode 2

Judging by the just-released photos, it looks like The Originals will be delving into some backstory in the second episode. We’re heading to the 1800s, which was a different time for Marcel, as you can imagine.

The cast of The Originals Season 1

We already knew that the premiere of The Originals will simply show a repeat of the pilot but from Elijah’s perspective. Now we want to know what happens next. Well, The CW is finally giving us clues to the second episode of Season 1.

The new photos come from the episode titled, “House of the Rising Son,” which will air Oct. 22.

The Originals will follow Klaus’ character as he navigates the New Orleans vampire scene, and it also deals with an unexpected bundle of joy. All of our favorite original vampires will be central to the cast. Plus, there are some other colorful characters like Marcel, who runs the New Orleans vampire scene, and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), a werewolf who is pregnant with Klaus’ child.

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In Episode 2, Elijah will rope Rebekah (Claire Holt) into joining her brothers in New Orleans, according to International Business Times. When she arrives, she’ll run into Hayley, who will give her some unexpected (baby?) news.

Camille and Klaus talk in The Originals

It also looks like Camille will be getting more information than she bargained for by befriending Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Her eyes are so huge in this photo! And her jaw is practically hitting the floor! Klaus probably said something like, “I’m a vampire, love.” And then dropped fang.

Camille gets news in The Originals

Do you think Klaus and Camille will have a romance? Klaus is definitely going for the blond humans, lately, if that’s the case. According to show creator Julie Plec, The Originals isn’t ruling out a Caroline return, but it sure looks like they aren’t waiting for one either.

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Marcel and Davina plot in The Originals

Marcel will be scheming some sort of dangerous plan, enlisting the help of witch Davina. She’s sheltered at first but, according to internet rumors, that won’t last long as she finds herself stuck in the middle of the Klaus/Marcel power struggle.

Davina draws in black in The Originals

Girl will have a dark side! The creepy drawing kind of makes that clear.

Klaus in a flashback on The Originals

We’ll also be going back in time. To the 1800s, to be a little more specific from the looks of the photos. We know Marcel was born at the turn of the 19th century. He is/was Klaus’ protégé.

Marcel in The Originals

From the looks of it, he didn’t have an easy time of things as a slave.

Rebekah and Marcel in The Originals

Until Rebekah entered his life, that is. The two have obvious history. We can’t wait to see it play out.

Marcel and Rebekah in a flashback during The Originals

Matt was great and all, but Marcel is a much more exciting match for the little sister. She needs someone with spunk that can match her own.

Klaus threatens Marcel in The Originals

We’re excited to hear how, exactly, Marcel was turned by Klaus since it’s doubtful Klaus did it willingly judging by the pointy thing he has next to Marcel’s throat. Maybe Rebekah begged him because she was in love with Marcel?

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The Originals will premiere on Thursday, Oct. 3, on The CW. Will you be watching?

Photo credits: The CW

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