Who is Tom? Conspiracy theories from The Blacklist

After watching the series premiere of The Blacklist, chances are your head is full of speculations and questions. Here are a few possible theories about the characters on the show.

The Blacklist conspiracy theories

Red is Lizzy’s father

This one is probably the most popular, but it almost sounds too obvious to be true. Then again, how else could Red know all those things he did about Lizzy’s personal life? It seems like he has a lot more information about her than even someone with Red’s connections could get. Lizzy said that Red abandoned his wife and daughter — could she be the daughter he abandoned?

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Lizzy’s husband Tom is a criminal… or a spy

When Lizzy found the secret box hidden under her floorboards, there was no doubt there wasn’t going to be anything good inside of it. Sure enough, she found evidence that her husband could be leading a double life — fake passports, money and weapons. Between the evidence and the fact that Red seemed to know there was more to Tom than Lizzy knew, it could point to him being a criminal. But another theory could be that he’s a spy. Think about it: Everything in that box is exactly the sort of thing that a man working deep undercover would need to have. But if he is a spy, the question becomes: Why is he hiding it from Lizzy, and is their life the real one or the undercover one?

Red hasn’t given up his life of crime

Though Red is now acting content to work for the Feds and give them all the info they need to catch major bad guys, who’s to say that he doesn’t have another, much more sinister plan? So far, Red is acting like a guy who’s decided to retire and wants to take down some of his enemies. But what if there’s a deeper plan, one that gets him infiltrated into the government so that he can use that knowledge to bring about some terrible destruction?

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Red is working for someone… perhaps under force

This theory sort of goes with the one above, but with some slight variations. The theory above has Red working to infiltrate the government for his own evil plan. Yet there’s also a possibility that he’s doing these things on someone else’s orders. Granted, Red doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who is easily manipulated, but what if the other bad guy has threatened someone close to him? He seems cold and heartless on the surface, but there could also be a caring heart under there. If there is, then someone could easily manipulate that and be forcing him to work with the authorities for an as yet unknown reason.

Only one episode into The Blacklist and already the theories about it are flying. Do you agree with any of the theories above or have any of your own about the show?

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