VIDEO: Kiernan Shipka reveals her style choices

Kiernan Shipka showed off her love of fashion in her cute Delpozo dress, but it wasn’t all about fashion as the young star revealed her favorite Mad Men co-stars.

13-year-old Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka was praised for her style choices on the the Emmys red carpet.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland even commented on her outfit, saying how she looked, “age appropriate, fun and she looks gorgeous as always.”

Shipka wore a very pretty floral Delpozo dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, which led Hyland to describe the young star as “a mini Grace Kelly.”

SheKnows caught up with the young actress, who explained why she chose her dress, “It just walked down the runway last week and I saw it on and I just knew I had to wear it to the Emmys. And here I am.”

The young star has a keen interest in fashion, revealing, “I am a big fashion fan — I’m sort of obsessed,” and jokingly added, “It’s not healthy.”

Mad Men was nominated once again at the Emmys and the hit show has already won many awards, including fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globes.

SheKnows wanted to find out what Shipka’s character had in store for the next season of Mad Men.

“I don’t know. I haven’t got any scripts or anything yet, I probably won’t get anything two nights before the table reader, maybe less. So I honestly don’t know where she is, where she’s living, so it’s always a mystery with Sally,” Shipka said.

While she may not have any information on the new season, she does have favorite Mad Men co-stars.

“Who’s my favorite co-star? I work with January [Jones], Jessica [Paré] and John [Hamm] probably the most, just because they’re family because I don’t get to work with the office people as much, but whenever I do it’s a real treat.”

“I have only said like one line to Elisabeth Moss, the whole entire six seasons, but that was really fun.”

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