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VIDEO: Icona Pop is up “All Night

In the video for “All Night,” Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt — aka Icona Pop — celebrate New York City’s fabulous underground vogue ball scene.

Icona Pop

OK, so how much do we want to be friends with Icona Pop? I mean, they have so much fun together. It’s like all party all the time with these ladies.

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And this time, Icona Pop has taken us to the ultimate party — an underground vogue ball in New York City.

“A what?” you ask.

An underground vogue ball — you know, where some of the most stylish and best vogue dancers walk it off and turn it out for a trophy. And you thought voguing began and ended with Madonna?

Well, I did, too.

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In the ball scene, members — usually people from the LGBTQ community — band together as a house under a respected “house mother” or “house father.” The houses are usually fashionably named (like House of Mizrahi, Ninja House or House of Xtravaganza), and often the other members of the house will take the house name as their last name. These houses serve as families — providing much-needed love and support to their members.

Icona Pop’s “All Night” video introduces us to Chi Chi Mizrahi, Pony Zion, Jeremy Xtravaganza, Marie Ninja, Derrick Xtravaganza, Javier Ninja, Gisele Xtravaganza, Mother Leiomy Mizrahi, Princess Lockeroo (whom you may remember from the So You Think You Can Dance auditions) and Father Jose Xtravaganza (who choreographed Madonna’s “Vogue” video) — all members of the underground vogue ball scene.

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The mini-documentary about the scene shows the dancers preparing for the dance off and asks about the ballroom culture they belong to.

Dancer Chi Chi explains, “Ballroom gives you a place where you’re welcome. It gives you a place of acceptance, but most of all, it gives you a place where you can creatively express yourself without limitations or boundaries.”

The video is so much fun to watch that you can almost forgive it for actually being an ad for Absolut Tune, a vodka–meets–New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc concoction.

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Check out the ladies as they provide the soundtrack for some of the fiercest voguing you’ve ever seen.

Icona Pop’s new album, This Is… Icona Pop, is out this Tuesday, Sept. 24.

Photo credit: Icona Pop

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