Justin Timberlake: Celebs’ awk-city interviews

Can you imagine what it must be like for celebrities when they’re promoting something and are asked the same questions by hundreds of different people? That has got to get annoying after awhile. Every once and again, celebrity interviews derail shortly after leaving the station. Here are a few of our favorite awkward celebrity interviews.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

We knew this interview with Justin Timberlake in Brazil was going to be a bit off when reporter Sabrina Sato sat down and started fidgeting with her hair — a lot. In the beginning, JT tries very hard not to lose it, but when she tells him that he sings and dances like “a black American” he can’t keep a straight face. It goes from bad to worse when Sato starts to samba in front of Timberlake and then presents him with a gift that definitely makes him the butt of the joke. JT likely felt like he was in the middle of one of his wildly famous Saturday Night Live skits.

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Jennifer Aniston

If you missed it, the adorable Chris Stark interviewed Jennifer Aniston when she was promoting We’re the Millers and informed her that most guys have a list of five famous women their girlfriends will give them a hall pass for, because the girlfriends know the guys will never meet these famous women. Then Stark proceeds to tell Aniston that she is on that list for most “blokes” in the U.K., including his, and asks her if she has a list of “normal people.” Aniston turns the tables on Stark when she talks about his football team and says, “You can only go up from small.”

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Mila Kunis

Before he made Aniston squirm, Stark put Mila Kunis in the hot seat by asking her out several times — for a beer, for chicken and a football game and then to a wedding. Kunis loves every second of it and plays right along, but gets a little confused when Stark puts her on the spot and asks if she ever “drops trou” at a wedding.

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Russell Brand

Russell Brand is one of those talents who is too smart for his own good, and everyone knows it — including him. In this interview, one of the women anchors sets the tone for the interview by introducing Brand with, “He’s a really big deal. I’m told this. I’m not very pop cultured, I’m sorry.” Brand smells blood in the water, but like a gentleman he gives this “news team” a chance to redeem themselves, which they never do. At one point, Brand shouts at the staff off camera and then tells the crew members they have bad manners by talking about him as if he’s not there. This is all at once funny and painful.

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