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Music review: Justina “Lord Have Mercy

While there is no replacing the memorable Amy Winehouse, Justina’s “Lord Have Mercy” and her unique execution left me wondering: Could she be the equivalent someday?

Justina new track

I said something almost blasphemous, and I realize it.

No one could replace Amy Winehouse, may she rest in peace.

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But with what Winehouse was to music when she reigned queen, could Justina rise to such greatness in the future?

Her single, “Lord Have Mercy,” has a style that you just can’t shake. Her beauty and confidence radiate in the video, and her voice possesses a raspy, nostalgic grace.

Could she be what we’ve been missing?

When the song starts, you may be inclined (like I was) to think of it as elevator music. But to my surprise, the warped, twinkling instrumental, urban pinup-like style and her crisp, pure voice reminded me of the legendary Amy Winehouse.

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She’s got the whole package, and I’m wondering how did I not find out about her sooner? She’s got soul and she’s got style, and to be able to stand out in a sea full of people trying to make it, she’s set to catch the right people’s ears.

She considers herself a singer, songwriter and rapper, and names influences ranging from The Beatles to Tupac as inspiration. She’s been featured on popular shows like NBC’s Smash and VH1’s Mob Wives. It sounds like she’s already pretty well connected, so being heavily circulated on the radio isn’t too far away.

There hasn’t been staying power from new artists in the industry in a while to challenge heavyweights like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Adele and Lady Gaga. The junior market that includes stars Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez still has time (and room) to grow. Justina, along with recently acclaimed Lorde, are two ladies that have their style, sound and direction down pat and are notably marketable.

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And it helps Justina’s cause that she can incite thoughts of her similarity to the famed Amy Winehouse, of course. What do you think, readers?

Justina’s EP, Valentine, comes out on Sept. 30.

Photo credit: JustinaMusic

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