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Emmy nominee Christina Hendricks’ best Mad Men fashion

As Joan Holloway on Mad Men, Emmy nominee Christina Hendricks brings va-va-voom to the SCDP office. From pencil skirts to boatneck dresses, this is one woman who knows how to work a ’60s silhouette.

I think, at this point, it’s safe to thank Christina Hendricks for bringing back the classic ’60s office combo of the high-waisted pencil skirt and silk blouse. She somehow manages to take an ensemble that, by design, is meant to be conservative and staid and turn it into something super chic and sexy. Brava, Joan — brava!

Do you find yourself constantly saying, “Ooh, I want that dress!” when you watch Joan on Mad Men? ‘Cause I totally do! This black cocktail dress with red floral appliqué is a perfect example of why. Pairing it with a bold red lip and her trademark chignon, Joan is the definition of magnifique.

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Confession: I have a thing about coats — and I die over the olive houndstooth coat Joan wears in this scene. Not only is the coat itself fabulous, but Joan has also accessorized it to the nines, naturally, with oversized earrings and coordinating shoes, bag and dress.

Good heavens, can someone please track down this coral-colored marvel and ship it to me, stat? I would, without hesitation, wear this dress today. Such is Joan’s genius — her style on the show is so impeccable that it is still just as relevant today as it would have been in the ’60s. And you know what else? We should take a cue from Joan and bring back the brooch. Women should wear more brooches.

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By no means is this dress the fanciest or the most fashion forward of the innumerable envy-inducing ensembles Joan has rocked on Mad Men. But it is absolutely beautiful and timeless, and it illustrates an important point: You don’t have to be flashy to be sexy. Even in a simple, high-necked aubergine dress, Joan looks stunning — and her matching makeup is flawless.

This scene kind of sucks for Joan — there’s no getting around that — but on the plus side, she’s a knockout in that blue floral brocade dress. There are so many things right about this look: the way it plays up her hourglass shape, the vintage yet modern floral print and that luscious, deep-blue hue.

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Without a doubt, this Season 1 stunner remains my favorite look from Joan. Christina Hendricks kills in red — whoever said redheads shouldn’t wear red was so wrong — which she smartly accessorizes with gold, a combo I cannot say enough about. Clearly, the fellas are a fan of this style, too.

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