2013 Emmys: Kerry Washington’s 10 most Scandal-ous moments in GIFs

Up for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Scandal‘s Kerry Washington serves fans major drama each week as crisis manager Olivia Pope. We culled GIFs of the 10 moments that made us gasp the most.


Hookup at a baptism

Scandal - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Don’t get us wrong — we love us some Olitz (Olivia + Fitz, naturally). But using Cy’s baby’s baptism as an excuse to hook up in the church closet? We’re pretty sure that is “smite thee” material. Of course, it was pretty hot. Just sayin’… sometimes you can’t deny chemistry.


A woman scorned

Scandal -- A Woman Scorned

Hands down, this is one of our faves of Olivia and Fitz. She lays down the law, telling him, “I am not a toy you can play with when you are bored or horny or lonely. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. You want me, earn me. Until then, we are done.” Yowza… you tell him, sista.


The secret is so out

Scandal - The Secret is Out

What’s that old expression? Play with fire and you’ll get burned? Yep, that sounds about right. We all knew Olivia and Fitz — er, President Grant — would get outed for their intimate liaisons eventually. Unfortunately for Liv, it was one of the few moments she was utterly unprepared.

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A call from Quinn

Scandal -- Quinn's in trouble

In the Season 1 finale, when Olivia and the gang help clean up a crime scene after getting a frantic call from Quinn, we officially knew we were in for a wild ride with this show. We also knew there was more to Quinn than meets the eye… and we were so right.


What Fitz wants

Scandal -- What Fitz Wants

Well now, hey now… this scene is — suffice it to say— super-explosive. First bombshell? Fitz tells Olivia he wants to divorce his wife and move Olivia into the White House as the first lady. Second bombshell? He wants Olivia to use her “superpowers” to fix the situation so the public will accept it. Third bombshell? He decides to use his “superpowers” on Olivia and, um, it all goes south from there.


The attempted assassination

Scandal -- Fitz gets shot

This episode was dizzying — for Olivia and all of the Scandal “Gladiators” out there. When Fitz is brutally shot several times, including in the head, Olivia has to try to keep her emotions in check so she can move back to the White House and manage the crisis.

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Olivia saves Huck back

Scandal -- Olivia gets through to Huck

When Olivia first found Huck, he was homeless and living in a metro station. She started bringing him coffee, and ultimately made him a member of her team. In this heart-wrenching moment, Olivia reveals why she really stopped the first time she saw the man with eyes that were “sadder than mine.” Her revelation brings him back from the brink.


The christening of the Oval Office

Scandal - Sex in the Oval Office

As hard as Olivia tries to thwart Fitz’s advances, she’s powerless to her attraction to him. As such, she succumbs to him in the Oval Office without much of a fight. I think it’s safe to say that (1) Mr. President definitely had a happy birthday and (2) the Resolute Desk will never be the same.


Olivia gets a concussion

Scandal - Olivia finds the surveillance cameras

Here’s something we didn’t see coming. In her thirsty, post-coital state, Olivia heads to the kitchen of Jake’s apartment to get a glass of water. When she tries to turn on the TV and instead the remote control reveals two huge surveillance screens showing her apartment, Olivia believes the worst. A struggle ensues, and she ends up in the hospital with a concussion but, as we later learn, it could have been much worse had it not been for Jake.


Talk about Daddy issues

Scandal - Rowan is Olivia's father

Whew, this was a rough episode for Olivia. Not only was her affair with Fitz made public and she was ambushed by the press, but she is ushered into a getaway limo and greeted by Rowan. We know him as the super-creepy leader of a super-covert spy ring, but — wow — she knows him as “Dad.”

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