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VIDEOS: 5 Super-funny Betty White moments

When it comes to funny women on TV, Betty White basically wrote the book. With a career that spans over six decades, this golden girl is responsible for more than a few hysterical moments caught on camera.


Betty and Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show

First of all, how hot did White look back then? No wonder she’s still such a sexy broad at 91. Second, it’s pretty clear her comic genius never goes out of style. This clip of her and Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show is just as relevant today as it was back in 1979. The bits about Adam’s fig leaf inseam, getting custody of the snake and the first lawyer? Obscenely funny stuff.


Betty as Elka on Hot in Cleveland

If you haven’t jumped on the Hot in Cleveland bandwagon, perhaps this little montage of White’s character, Elka, will convince you of the error of your ways. I don’t know many women who can make being a horny, foul-mouthed alkie charming, but she pulls it off. Such is her genius — she’s figured out how to get away with all of the things men do yet, you know, still be the superior sex. C’mon… I kid, I kid.


Betty on Lopez Tonight

How do I love this clip? Let me count the ways. When the interview starts with White joking, “I’m such a whore — I can’t say no,” you pretty much know it’s going to be funnier than the time your grandma tried to go all “Gangnam Style” at your cousin’s wedding. Bonus points for the fact that ol’ Betty gives props to writers and pokes fun at her less-than-perky anatomy.


Betty in Funny or Die skit for The Proposal

As if The Proposal itself wasn’t funny enough (White and Sandra Bullock‘s “chanting” in the woods scene gets me every time), they went and put together this Funny or Die skit starring White, Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Between White making Reynolds her coffee b**** and Bullock being bleeped left and right, this one’s a gutbuster.


Betty as Rose on The Golden Girls

OK, you got me. The Hot in Cleveland montage wasn’t just one moment, and neither is this tribute to The Golden Girls. Rather, they are collections of moments because, really, asking me to choose just one “Rose-moment” is like asking me to pick my favorite version of Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall (Rustic and roping cattle? Cleaned-up and pedaling moonshine? Who could choose?!). This clip’s a bit longer but, seriously, worth every second of your time.


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