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Zac Efron checked into rehab twice this year

Reports that Zac Efron went to rehab for cocaine problems earlier this year really shocked his fans. But his drug issues turned out to be even worse than first believed, as the actor had to go back for more treatment after a big relapse.

When news first broke that clean and innocent Zac Efron had been to rehab earlier this year for cocaine addiction, it was a big shock to most fans. Now, it’s even more surprising to find out that the actor not only went once, but twice, to get treated for a huge cocaine and Ecstasy problem.

It turns out that the Parkland star first sought treatment in March of this year after doing cocaine for over two years. Plus, sources told TMZ that “he was also into Molly,” which is the street name for the popular club drug Ecstasy.

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Efron left California to stay in a private residence to get intensive care as an outpatient for a few weeks. Then, in April he went back to Los Angeles to begin working on his new movie, Neighbors. But while he was shooting the film, he apparently relapsed quite badly. According to a TMZ source, “It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine” when he failed to show up on set repeatedly.

Seeking more outpatient care for his continuing coke problems, Zac is now believed to be drug-free since completing his second treatment round.

As for the alleged reasons why Efron began to dabble in drugs are due in part to big issues with his parents’ controlling ways and decision making. The 25-year-old was also worried about his acting career, which despite being successful for a while, sort of tanked after High School Musical.

Another problem Efron endured had to do with love life issues, although they weren’t connected to his split from Vanessa Hudgens, sources claim.

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However, the biggest influence that got him in trouble was a “bad group of friends” who introduced him to cocaine in the first place. A few months ago, Efron and his drug-happy pals went on a cocaine rager in a hotel room at MGM Grand’s Skylofts in Las Vegas, causing around $50k in damages.

Efron has since ditched those friends to pursue his ongoing efforts to get clean and back on track.

Meanwhile, a source for E! News said that Efron is currently “healthy, happy and not drinking” and that “he’s taking time to focus on working.”

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