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Revolution Season 2 sneak peek

Revolution returns in one week, and the cast is teasing a new addition to the war we know, which will bring more fantasy to the show. Cue little green dots in the sky.
“The world is changed forever.”

That’s the theme of the teasers we’re getting from the Season 2 promo of Revolution.

It looks like, at the start of the season, our group will scatter. Instead of becoming the new Monroe, Neville is barely surviving and searching for his wife. Monroe (David Lyons) has become a street fighter. Rachel has a nervous breakdown. Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) is “trying new things.” And by new things, we mean new men. Apparently, she’s going to be growing up a bit lot more. But what about Jason? It looks like he might be with Neville, trying to find his mom.

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Charlie and gang are heading across what used to be the United States and have reached Texas. Why? We don’t know yet. Maybe because they’re delivering Rachel to her father who lives there? That’s just our guess.

Billy Burke says the group will be living as “peacefully as we can,” but, of course, it won’t take long for trouble to find them.

Adding to the new dynamics of our characters will be new story lines. Though the show is keeping mum on just what this fantasy twist will be, judging by the green dots in the promo, we think it might have something to do with the nanites. (If you’ll remember back, the nanites are the microscopic machines that were dispersed into the air and control the power.) 

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The promo doesn’t shed light on what happens after the missiles are fired. It also doesn’t allude to the “president” we heard about in the last moments of the finale. Could the president of the United States really have been hiding out at Guantanamo Bay since the blackout? And, if so, will he reinstate the constitution in Season 2? No word yet on how this story line will play out.

Revolution Season 2 will premiere Wednesday, Sept. 23 on NBC. Will you be watching?

Images courtesy of NBC

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