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One Direction releases extended version of This Is Us

As if we haven’t gotten enough of One Direction, there is a whole new version of their film in theaters now. So, just how much 1D is too much?

One Direction sure knows how to milk their skills for all they’re worth. Just weeks after releasing their biopic, One Direction: This Is Us, they decided to add 20 extra minutes of footage and re-release the film. The new version includes four additional songs and hit theaters last Friday.

The new version has the boys back on the set of The X Factor, the show where they became famous.

X Factor feels like so long away and so much has happened in the last few years,” Niall Horan said in the clip.

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Simon Cowell brought the boys under his wing after The X Factor, and is also a producer on One Direction: This Is Us.

“It’s really weird being back. It just brings back so many memories,” Louis Tomlinson added.

Despite it having been only a few years, a lot has happened since first stepping out onto the X Factor stage. Zayn Malik is engaged, and the rest of the boys are all grown up.

“The good thing about us is the fans have grown up with us,” Horan said. “People always say in interviews, ‘Do you think the fans will grow up with you?’ The truth is they’ve already grown up with us.”

The film was directed by Morgan Spurlock, a filmmaker known for his eye-opening documentaries. The director decided to take on a new challenge and followed the group around the world for six months.

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“We shot for six months. We shot 963 hours of footage over six months. It was massive,” Spurlock told MTV. “It’s tough when you start editing down a film to 90 minutes. What do you keep? What do you get rid of? And ultimately, it’s what continues to feed the narrative the best, what tells the best linear story. And that’s what we kind of focused on. For me, the core of the movie is about dreams and it’s about family and everything that inter-relates to that.”

One Direction: This Is Us, the extended version is in theaters now. Their new album, Midnight Memories, will be in stores Nov. 25.

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