Music review: Katy Perry "Dark Horse"

Sep 19, 2013 at 11:11 p.m. ET

Katy Perry has built up momentum for the release of her album Prism. With the emergence of this song, it draws up a few questions about where the songstress is going with her sound.

Katy Perry

I don't care which way Katy Perry goes with her new album, as long there's more of songs like "Dark Horse."

The moment I saw Juicy J was on this track I had to raise my eyebrow. But my arches weren't as high as my expectations were for the follow-up track to "Roar."

But, did you know this sizzling track is not an official release?

Yep, her fans voted this to be the next song to nibble on, and Perry confirmed in a tweet, "#ROAR is still ROARING & 2nd single from PRISM will not be announced for some time... "

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In the meantime, "Dark Horse" will quench your thirst for a darker Katy Perry. With all her promotions and eerie trailers for "Roar"' and the album Prism, some fans were disappointed that she didn't appear with something more dramatic.

Alas, "Dark Horse" is pretty dramatic for Ms. Perry. I thought working with Kanye West was as far as she would go. But what do you think? Could she be the next Keri Hilson? Seem like a stretch? I just wonder why she didn't do a hip hop collaboration sooner.

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The only thing that I would remark is that, if there were a record for most cliches exercised in one song, Perry broke it. I don't want to ruin it for you, so see if you can spot the tired phrases when you listen.

She'll find a way to bewitch you with her new sound. And sufficiently creep you out because I'm still wondering if all the witch and magic references are just a setup for a music video theme or she's gone off the deep end. Also, who could be the "dark horse" she refers to? Obviously, we all want to assume it's John Mayer.

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Whatever kind of an animal he is and however Perry wants go with her sound, if she keeps making tracks like this, Prism will be the first purchase I make on Oct. 22. Perry is still the girl we know in the song, but with a more seductive, mature tone. She should listen to her fans more often! Good pick guys!

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