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Dexter series finale sneak peek

In true fashion, Dexter won’t be going out with a bang but with a stab. No matter the fate of our favorite serial killer, rest assured this ending won’t leave you hanging.
After months of speculation on the series finale of Dexter, we are just days away from learning Dexter’s fate. The show has promised a decisive ending, assuring fans this was the ending that they felt was most right for the series.

Warning: Do not continue reading unless you want possible spoilers for the series finale of Dexter.

Here’s what we can deduce from the sneak peek above:

Deb might die

This we already suspected. The odds of Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) making it through the finale alive are looking slimmer and slimmer. Her death will release Dexter (Michael C. Hall) of all ties to Miami and free him to leave the country permanently. Based on speculation, we pretty much expect her demise at this point.

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Elway is onto Hannah

He’s getting close to finding her, which has Dexter on edge. Can they make it out of the country before the impending hurricane makes it impossible? Or maybe the storm has already arrived, and they just don’t realize it yet. Either way, bad things are brewing.

Dexter will go after Saxon

Dexter regrets leaving Saxon alive, which means he’ll try to make amends before leaving the country, especially after Deb is shot. According to Showtime, Dexter will be taking this into his own hands. Will Dexter make things right? Or will Dexter’s final kill lead to his arrest?

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Quinn knows somethings up

Elway isn’t the only one with suspicions. Quinn is hot on the trail as well. There’s a good chance Quinn will find out about Dexter’s hobby in the series finale. Will he help Dexter or turn him in? Also, will he and Deb reunite before she (probably, most likely) dies? We don’t think either will happen. What’s most likely according to the internet rumors, is that Quinn will find an affinity for killing himself. When Dexter leaves Miami with Hannah and Harrison, Quinn will continue Dexter’s work.

Images courtesy of Showtime

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