10 Things you don't know about Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star: The Summer Set

Sep 18, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET

If you're from Arizona, you've probably heard of The Summer Set. Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star this year, the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based band is full of talent... and surprises. Get to know more about the pop rockers through a few little-known facts.

iHeartRadio's Rising Star, The Summer Set


They're romantic

Well, at least lead singer Brian Dales is. In 2011, when Baby Daddy actress Chelsea Kane appeared on Dancing With the Stars, she and partner Mark Ballas cha-cha-cha'ed to The Summer Set's song "Chelsea." In the clip that aired before their dance, Kane divulged that Dales — whom she’d been dating at the time — wrote the song for her. Awww!


They started out with a different name

Drummer Jess Bowen (the band's sole girl!), backup singer and pianist John Gomez and bassist Stephen Gomez actually released a CD alongside musicians Kennedy Brock and Weston Michl as Last Call for Camden before The Summer Set was ever even conceptualized. After the release of Keep Your Feet on the Ground, however, the trio found lead singer Dales and rebranded under the new name of The Summer Set.


They fight

What's a little squabbling among friends, right? Or, in John and Stephen's case, among family? Says John, "We're brothers, so sometimes siblings can kind of say meaner things to each other compared to other friends because you know you’re family." He goes on to say that even though their fighting "can get ugly sometimes," they are still glad to have each other on the road when they have to be away from home so much.

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They've kind of got a thing for covers

Huge music fans, the band often pays homage to the musicians they respect and enjoy by doing song covers of said musicians. And genre-wise, they’ve been all over the board. They recorded a pop punk version of "Love In This Club," Usher's hit club anthem, and they covered the classic "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Nite" by Kiss. In 2010, they re-released their debut album with five brand new Taylor Swift cover songs.


How I Met Your Mother is their fave

Their album's title track, "Legendary," was inspired by Dales' obsession with the TV series How I Met Your Mother. In an interview for Alter the Press, he explains, "One night, I was hanging out by myself in the living room like an anti-social brat, watching the season finale of How I Met Your Mother while everyone else was partying and having a good time. A fan of ours tweeted and said, "If you like How I Met Your Mother so much, why don't you write a song about it?" and so f*** yeah, I did it.


They might just be Justin Timberlake's biggest fans

When asked about the other acts they admire, Dales couldn't help gushing about Justin Timberlake. "Um, f***, I wanna share a stage with Justin Timberlake. He's just an awesome human being in like everything he does," When asked what song they’d like to cover next, he enthuses, "A Justin Timberlake song, 'Mirrors' probably. That song is really cool."

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They hide pop culture references in their songs

Now you know that the album's title track, "Legendary," was inspired by Dales' love for the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. But songwriter Dales didn't stop there with loaded lyrics. In an interview with Hit the Floor Magazine, he revealed that he snuck an obscure reference to Dawson's Creek in "Jukebox (Life Goes On)." At first, his band mates weren't sold on the idea. "When he showed us that song, we were like, 'Are we really going to get away with singing about Dawson's Creek?'" laughs Bowen.


They keep their word... no matter how scary

Earlier this month, The Summer Set got the opportunity to play a show with The Backstreet Boys. Bowen, who's a big fan, promised that if she managed to get a picture with them, she would "for sure skydive" — a promise made all the more meaningful by the fact she is deathly afraid of heights! On the band’s Facebook page, she says, "So here I am today, scared as hell but ready to face my fears. Wish me luck!"


They debate over who is more stylish

When fans voted that Dales was the most stylish of the group, Montgomery jokingly ribbed his band mate by making fun of his fashion — saying, among other things, that Dales dressed "like a lumberjack." In Dales' defense, however, he seems to go to a lot of trouble to look dapper. "Anytime I get a haircut, I pull out a picture of James Dean and say, 'Cut my hair like that!'" he told Teen Vogue.

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They're super proud of the new album

To create their new album Everything's Fine, The Summer Set worked with acclaimed producer John Fields. The result? An album, Brian says, that makes him "the proudest I've ever been of anything I've done in my life thus far." Echoes Josh, "I do believe we are successful. As cliché as the phrase sounds, success is not measured by dollar signs. I get to travel the world and get to rock the f*** out."

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