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Who’s hotter: Adam Levine vs. Blake Shelton

Parks and Recreation actress and comedian Mara Marini puts two of our favorite The Voice judges head to head in our weekly debate and asks you to decide: Who’s hotter?!

Who's hotter: Adam Levine or Blake Shelton?


Adam Levine

Lots of girls (and, well, guys, too) love this oft-shirtless, tattooed musician. Born and raised in Southern California, he joined the band Kara’s Flowers in high school and one of the band’s songs even appeared on an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. He went away to school in New York and when he came back to Los Angeles, he reunited with his former band, made some changes (one being the name — to Maroon 5), and the rest is history.

Blake Shelton

If Adam fulfills the rock star fantasy, Blake fulfills the cowboy fantasy. At 6’5″, with a sexy Southern drawl, cool and confidant demeanor, and all that brooding rugged manliness. There’s a reason he was named one of People‘s Sexiest Men Alive. Just like Adam, Blake knew he was destined for greatness at a young age. He moved to Nashville at age 17 to pursue songwriting and, eight years later, he had a No. 1 hit, “Austin.” Since then, he’s had more No. 1 hits than there’s room to list, and as The Voice‘s winning coach three seasons in a row, “Chances” are he gives Levine a run for his money this season, too.


Adam Levine: Levine is a talented singer, songwriter and musician with “Moves Like Jagger,” but he has also branched out to acting, and is now in his fourth season of judging/coaching on The Voice. Maroon 5 has earned a handful of Grammys and other accolades and awards.
Blake Shelton: He’s been solidly pumping out country hits for the past 12 years and clearly has an eye for talent as well, being The Voice coach with the most wins. He’s won several CMT, Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association awards.


Adam Levine: He may be known as a bit of a bad boy, but he still manages to juggle all of his commitments very well. Alongside The Voice, Maroon 5 and his acting career, he has his own fragrance line, he designed an apparel and accessories line in collaboration with Kmart and has an endorsement deal with Proactiv.
Blake Shelton: When he isn’t writing hit songs or coaching hopeful winners of The Voice, he is just a down-to-earth country boy. He refuses to buy a house in Los Angeles and goes hunting and fishing on his ranch in Oklahoma in his off time.


Adam Levine: Adam used to keep fit by lifting weights, but almost seven years ago, he had a “Wake Up Call” and injured himself doing so. Now, he is all about the yoga.
Blake Shelton: Just because he doesn’t take his shirt off every 10 seconds, doesn’t mean he isn’t packing. Those country boys are hardworking!


Adam Levine: Apparently, a good friend of his couldn’t afford surgery for his cat, so Adam had the bills sent to him. He is also involved with several charities and even posed nude to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.
Blake Shelton: Repeatedly reported as having a big heart, Blake donates time and money to many charities. In the first season, when one of the girls he was mentoring wanted a dress that exceeded wardrobe budget, he bought it for her — and that’s just one of the many endearing stories about him.


Adam Levine: Earlier this year, Adam shelled out a lot of money to save the life of his labrador retriever. Thankfully, Spinee survived.
Blake Shelton: Blake and his wife have seven dogs on their ranch and he even used to have a pet turkey named Turkey.


Adam Levine: He attended Five Towns College, a performing arts school in Dix Hills, Long Island, New York, but dropped out to go back to LA and reunite with his band.
Blake Shelton: “The Dreamer” started pursuing those dreams at a young age, so he didn’t go to a university.


Adam Levine: By the time everyone’s heard he’s dating one supermodel, he’s already on to the next. If the reports are true, and he did let his former (Victoria’s Secret model) flame know about his engagement (to a Victoria’s Secret angel) via text after going MIA and not answering her calls? Then I’m not sure this “Ladykiller” gets a ton of points in the Commitment Department.
Blake Shelton: Blake was previously married to longtime girlfriend, Kaynette Gern, but they divorced in 2006. In 2011, he married his “Honey Bee,” country star Miranda Lambert, after dating for five years. An alpha male who wants a relationship?? Where can we find more of him?

Tune in to the rocker and the cowboy on the Season 5 premiere of The Voice, on Sept. 23, on NBC.


About Mara Marini

Mara Marini is a Canadian film, television and theater actress perhaps best known for her recurring role as Brandi Maxxxx on the hit NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. Marini has also appeared in a number of indie comedy and horror films. In 2013, she launched a popular digital comedy video series called Inside Dating on, will soon be guest-starring on Disney’s Kickin’ It and shooting a politically incorrect feature comedy this fall. For more information on Mara, check out her official website, follow her on Facebook or on Twitter at @popgloss.

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