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Spoilers? Cast predictions for New Girl Season 3

A trip to Mexico is ahead, but what else? The cast says: a possible arrest, a two-timing Schmidty and one seriously senile Winston. Season 3 is going to be a good one!

New Girl cast

When Jess and Nick finally kissed last year, New Girl fans had major a freak-out. It was long-awaited and sheer, awkward perfection. And, for the season finale, when they skedaddled from Cece’s wedding we knew they were set to embark a most excellent summer adventure. From the looks of things, we’ll actually get to see that adventure, too. The Season 3 premiere is picking up exactly where it left off: After Cece’s “wedding.”

So, we know the super-cute and incredibly awkward couple will hit up Mexico, run out of money and Nick may or may not be arrested. But… what can we learn about the rest of the season?

Based on a couple of recent interviews, including one with ZEFR TV, it looks everyone is going to have their issues.

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Nick and Jess

We’re all stoked to see Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) together at last. But it’d be way too easy if they stayed together without any issues, right?

“I think there’s a good chance that Nick and Jess are going to screw up the whole ‘Nick and Jess’ thing,” said Johnson. “But hopefully they don’t screw it up too bad.”

His co-star and television roommate, Lamorne Morris (Winston), is counting on exactly that to happen.

“I would like to see Nick and Jess break up,” said Morris. “And then maybe get back together later on.”

Of course, he has to say that! If you’ll remember, last year Winston was less than pleased to see his two roomies getting so romantical. During an interview for Fox, though, Morris said this season Winston will become more OK with Nick and Jess’s relationship. The real problem will be Schmidt, who is completely unimpressed with their newfound love. Probably because he’d prefer they be just as miserable as him.

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Schmidt and Cece and Elizabeth

When we last saw Schmidty (Max Greenfield), things were pretty complicated. As Cece (Hannah Simone) was preparing to embark on her weird, quasi-arranged marriage thing, Schmidt turned to Elizabeth, his ex-girlfriend from college, for his “plus one.” Since he thought he was finally done with Cece, he began to forge a new relationship with Elizabeth. There’s just one problem: Cece walked away from her wedding and is now back on the market.

“You think that they’re finally going to have a relationship,” said the lovely Simone. “They have a foundation of friendship. They have the chemistry. Smooth sailing! But Schmidt, as he’s prone to do, screws it up!”


Our boy Winston is going through some stuff, though, we’re not entirely sure what.

“Winston is losing his mind a little bit,” Morris said in an interview for Fox.

But, is he really losing his mind, or just his eyesight? Check out this awesome “fight scene” between Schmidt and Winston, then decide for yourself!

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What can we say? It looks like it’s going to be one hysterical and bumpy ride on Season 3 of New Girl, which premieres Sept. 17 at 9/8c on Fox!

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