Britney Spears' "Work Bitch": Club beat or workout anthem?

Sep 16, 2013 at 3:48 p.m. ET

It's Britney, b****, and she's back with a synthesized studio beat. It's a puzzling little number, filled with many enigmas. Help us process through the complexities of the lyrics and take our poll on whether you think it's better for the gym or the dance floor.

Britney Spears

It's enough b****

Even though slapping the word "b****" on the end of everything to give yourself a little more street cred (I guess?) is so five years ago, Britney Spears says the b-word 20 times in "Work Bitch." It's enough b****. How do we feel, as women, about being called "b****"? Twenty times? Are we OK with it? If someone comes at us with, "Hey, wud up, b****?" we're probably cool with it, but if someone tells us to get to work 20 times and slaps the word "b****" on the end of it, we're guessing our middle finger is going to start to itch a little.

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Empowering or offensive?

At the risk of philosophically dissecting something that probably wasn't given a whole lot of thought in the first place, what's being said here? Regardless of where you sit on the feminist scale, it's kind of hard to come away from this song without wondering, "Is this how we define ourselves as women?" Do we want wickedly expensive cars, mansions and hard bikini bodies? Are these our biggest goals in life? How about, "You wanna a meaningful marriage? You better work, b****," or "You wanna climb that peak? You better work, b****," or "You wanna be a good mother? You better work, b****," or "You wanna run for office (be a CEO, insert lofty goal here), you better work, b****."

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On the other hand, Spears tries to inspire us by saying, "Hold your head high, fingers to the sky (Huh? Like a peace sign, or praying?), they gonna try to try ya, but they can't deny ya."

Britney Spears

Weird accent

Let's move on to lighter matters. Spears goes between a somewhat British accent and then says "police" like a true Southern gal by pronouncing it "poe-leese." Then she tells us to "call me the governor" and pronounces it "govenah." As in, "Bloody right, Govenah." According to the lyrics of "Work Bitch," Spears isn't just a govenah, she's also a bad b****. When we think of this former pop princess we think of a mom with her hair bunched up on top of her head headed to Starbucks with two little ankle biters latched onto her. We're not really getting "bad b****" from that image. Who knows? It's all so confusing.

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Britney Spears

Leaked lyrics?

Is it just us or is there a lot of "leaking" going on with new releases these days? Call us suspicious, but this is starting to reek of staged leaking. (Are people more likely to click on something if they think it's hit the internet by accident?). We digress. We're sure all of this is a well-planned media campaign for Spears' upcoming Vegas run. All we know is we can't wait for the video (which according to Instagram) features Spears in a bikini and lingerie, to be "leaked."

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