Robert Pattinson was obsessed with Kate Moss

Sep 16, 2013 at 9:15 a.m. ET

Robert Pattinson reveals that he was a little obsessed with British supermodel Kate Moss while growing up and that he's also considering a career in the fashion industry.

Robert Pattinson reveals his childhood crush and interest in fashion

There is a reason that Kate Moss has enjoyed immense success as one of the world's top supermodels, and Robert Pattinson is one of her biggest fans!

While the Twilight star has adorned the walls of many little girls' rooms, he admits that when he was growing up his walls were plastered with pictures of Kate Moss!

Pattinson confessed to Harper's Bazaar Arabia, "I was obsessed. It was a bit ridiculous. The other poster I had up was Linda Blair in The Exorcist. They were my two options — a little girl possessed and Kate Moss."

The actor is known to have an interest in fashion himself, as well as being the Face of Dior Homme. His love for the industry may result in a possible haute couture designer career.

He explained, "I want to get more involved with the industry. I really like it. I like drawing couture dresses. I started doing it and was like, 'What is happening?' Suddenly, I had a sketchbook full of dresses."

"I like the artistry of it, it's like costume design. The speed of it means you can just move so much quicker. I like designing clothes."

However, while the British actor may want to launch a career in the fashion industry, we know how much he dislikes critics and always wants to be liked.

The fashion industry can be one of the most critical industries, so it comes as no surprise that Pattinson is nervous about a runway debut, because of the onslaught that may come from his critics.

Pattinson said, "I actually really want to do it. Though it could be incredibly embarrassing."

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