5 Must-know facts about The Newsroom Season 2 finale

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Newsroom‘s Season 2 finale.

The Newsroom Season 2 finale Election Night Pt. 2

The last year has been a hectic one for ACN’s News Night team. Relationships have crumbled or been overlooked, they broke and then had to retract a major news story (that turned out to be a lie) and they faced a major lawsuit. We end the year on election night, 2012, and we leave everyone in much better shape than we found them. Here’s what happened on the Season 2 finale of The Newsroom.

5) Don and Sloan finally kissed

Last week Sloan (Olivia Munn) found out one of her co-workers forged her autograph (and poorly translated German quote) into one of her books so it could be sold at an auction for charity. The book sold for a thousand dollars and Sloan felt awful that someone had paid so much money for a forgery. While Neal (Dev Patel) no doubt had plenty of better things to do, she put him in charge of finding out the buyer. Just when they thought they’d reached a dead end, Sloan put two and two together. Don bought her book. During the middle of the election night broadcast, Sloan walked into the production booth, signed a new book and then kissed Don in front of everyone. The production room was silent, but fans of The Newsroom all over the nation were no doubt rejoicing.

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4) Maggie cut her own hair (and made up with her bestie)

While Jim spent the evening video chatting with Hallie, Maggie ran around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to fix his mistake and break more news. When she ducked in behind him to say “hi” to his girlfriend, Hallie suddenly realized something: Maggie’s awful new haircut was self-inflicted. At the urging of Hallie, Jim confronted Maggie’s ex-best friend (his former girlfriend and her current roommate) and she confirmed that Maggie had cut her own hair. By the end of the night, Maggie told Jim and her best friend about the horrific things she experienced in Africa and how she cut and dyed her hair in a desperate attempt to separate herself from the little boy who died on her back.

3) No one is losing their job

Despite the massive foul up due to the Genoa tip, no one from News Night was sent packing. They all knew that Jerry’s lawsuit would break the next day and wanted desperately to resign at first. Eventually, though, they began to realize that they shouldn’t all lose jobs due to Jerry’s misleading information and eventual doctoring of evidence. He was the bad guy. Not them. Why should they end up unemployed because of it?

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2) Reese is a decent guy

Before they came to the decision to fight Jerry and his stupid suit and before they agreed they deserved the jobs they had, Will, Mack, Charlie and Don begged for Reese and his mother to fire them. At first, Reese refused and blamed it on his mother’s decision. Eventually, though, he fessed up. He didn’t want to fire them… not for a story that clearly wasn’t their fault and that, for all intents and purposes, they’d actually done an amazing job hunting down facts and reporting. Too bad his decision came after they decided they didn’t want to leave.

1) Mack and Will are getting married

After years of holding Mack responsible and at arm’s length after she cheated on him with her ex, Will finally let it go. It took watching his newsroom almost fall apart and saying things to Mack (Emily Mortimer) that would cause her to want to punch him. However, eventually (in pure Sorkin fashion), Will (Jeff Daniels) came to a major realization: “Except for the things she did wrong, she did everything right too, the rest was me.” He tore off through the newsroom, found his Cambridge girl, pulled her into his arms and proposed.

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The night ended with cigars and Champagne. Their producer was the future Mrs. MacKenzie Morgan McHale McAvoy and Obama was still president. All was right in the world. Except for that little yellow news alert that Maggie was clicking on as the screen went black.

…Until next summer, though, everyone in The Newsroom seems to have gotten their happy ending.

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