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5 TV families we wish we were part of

Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up in the Tanner household, eat dinner with the Camdens or hangout with the Huxtables? Sure, we love our families, but after sharing our living rooms with these popular fictional families for so many years, we can’t help but wonder what it would like to be part of them.

Here’s our list of five relatable, fictional families we wish would make us their own:


Modern Family: The Dunphy family
Who doesn’t love the Dunphy family? Phil is the “cool dad” — or so he thinks. Whether he’s teaching his kids about dancing (“Always keep the rhythm in your feet and a little party in your shoulders”) or making quirky jokes, he’s really just a big kid at heart. Fearful that her children may make the same mistakes she once made, Claire is the somewhat overprotective mother. Together this goofy, yet charming, pair raises three children (Haley, Alex and Luke). Between running to sporting events and dealing with school, the diversity of the Dunphy family gives the audience a sense of realness that they love and can relate to.


The Cosby Show: The Huxtable family
What’s not to love about the Huxtables? For eight seasons they enchanted us with loveable family antics. While the show was comedic in nature, it didn’t stop husband Bill and wife Clair from dishing out serious life lessons to their five children, Sondra, Theo, Denise, Vanessa and Rudy. Even when times got tough the family was always there for each other. That combined with the use of humor throughout the series is what often makes audiences wish they were part of this clan.


Full House: The Tanner family
It wasn’t easy raising three daughters, but Danny Tanner proved that with a little help from your friends and family, anything is possible. The Tanner family showed us what it means to be family. With Jesse, Joey and Danny playing the father role, sisters D.J., Stephanie and Michelle often got a triple dose of talks about life lessons from the bunch. Whether they were calm, cool, funny or goofy, these three men always seemed to remind us that no matter what the situation, there is always a lesson to be learned.


7th Heaven: The Camden family
During their 11-season stint on the WB, the Camden family, headed by Reverend Eric Camden and stay-at-home mom Annie, had everyone wanting to be part of their fictional family. Busy navigating the ups and downs of life with seven children, who ranged in age from toddler to adults with families of their own, the Camden family welcomed audiences to join them in dealing with hardships, learning about relationships, facing moral issues and family matters. After watching the family grow and enduring their struggles with them, it’s easy to see how audiences fell in love with this warmhearted, entertaining family show.


Family Matters: The Winslow family
When we talk about great family-oriented shows that families can relate to, Family Matters certainly comes to mind. Carl and Harriette lived in their Chicago house with their two kids, adopted son, mother, sister-in-law Rachel and nephew Richie. More than often, the Winslows also parented their kids’ friends, Steve Urkel and Waldo Geraldo Faldo. For nine years the Winslows graced our televisions, teaching us about everything from relationship issues to responsibility. No matter how busy they were, both parents always made sure to teach their kids (and their friends) a lesson in a caring and gentle way.


Over the years, we’ve come to know and love many fictional families. While fictional families will always come and go, we will continue to search for ways to relate to characters on our favorite TV shows. So, we have to ask: What fictional TV family is most like yours in real life?

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