Daniel Radcliffe has a huge crush on Katy Perry

Sep 13, 2013 at 3:48 p.m. ET

Daniel Radcliffe has a not-so-secret crush on Katy Perry — and it borders on creepy obsession!

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter has been put under a love spell! Daniel Radcliffe says he has a huge crush on mega pop star Katy Perry, and it's so bad he can't even speak or look at her if they're together.

In an interview with MTV, the actor joked about his fantasy. "Mentally I am very close to Katy Perry, a lot," he laughed.

"I've been in a room with her since and I couldn't say [anything]," Radcliffe admitted. "I was across a room from her and I was like, 'I can't. I can't even say anything, [you've] probably seen an interview with me [and] you know these thoughts are in my head. I can't even look at you.'"

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Back in 2012 Radcliffe, who will definitely not be playing Christian Grey, told Andy Cohen that he is borderline obsessed with the singer, saying, "Who I'd stalk? It would probably be Katy Perry. And not in a 'I'm a really big fan' way, but in an overtly sexual context."

Wow, that's pretty creepy.

Radcliffe's reticence to strike up a romance with Perry is probably for the best. While she enjoys her whatever-it-is with fellow musician John Mayer, Radcliffe, who broke up with longtime girlfriend Rosie Coker in 2012, says love pretty much sucks anyway.

"Love is not fun. It might be for some people," he said at the Toronto International Film Festival while promoting his film The F Word.

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"It's much more fun if you're enjoying the person's company that you're with," he added in a zing seemingly directed to his ex.

It might be better then to just remain friends — but that doesn't mean Perry would be immune to his advances.

"Can men and women be friends? Absolutely," he told press at the festival. "Do I have female friends? Yes. Have I slept with them all? Not yet!"

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