5 TV characters worth a second look

When fans are immersed in the plot points of their favorite television shows, the richness of the show’s characters can be overlooked. To rectify this problem, here’s our roundup of five awesome television characters that deserve a double take.


Jane Kerkovich-Williams

Happy Endings

Jane Kerkovich-Williams from Happy Endings

Played by Eliza Coupe, Jane is an intriguing example of a neurotic and overbearing control freak that you might actually want to befriend. Jane’s character is quick as a whip, spot-on with comedic timing and her fashion is totally adorbs. Not only that, she is one-half of a refreshingly happily-married couple, which is a nice break from the typical comedy cliché of a nagging wife and ineffectual husband. Our only regret for Jane’s character is that ABC canceled the series just as it was starting to build a fan base and critical acclaim.


Christopher Moltisanti

The Sopranos

Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos

A man with many demons, Christopher Moltisanti is a fascinating character study of a mobster who couldn’t quite “get it.” The character was played by Michael Imperioli, who did an excellent job portraying a loyal but volatile protégé to Tony Soprano. During the course of the show, Christopher struggled with dual loyalties and drug addiction. He was finally offed by Soprano just when he became sober and began to make strides towards a more normal life.


G.O.B. (George Oscar Bluth, Jr.)

Arrested Development

George Oscar Bluth JR from Arrested Development

Squeals of excitement were heard across America when Netflix announced the continuation of the beloved comedy Arrested Development last spring. All of the show’s characters are funny, but we especially love the comedic genius of G.O.B., played by actor Will Arnett. He strikes a tenuous balance between arrogance, stupidity, insecurity and harmlessness, all while leaping around the set as the worst magician of all time. Now, that takes talent.


Skyler White

Breaking Bad

Skyler White from Breaking Bad

Every Breaking Bad fan has an opinion on Skyler White and her participation in her husband’s drug empire. Viewers report a variety of reactions to Skyler’s character, ranging from sympathy to flat out hatred. It’s easy to see why. Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler White, does a tremendous job of acting the emotions and behaviors that occur when she learns her husband is “breaking bad,” including fear, anger, revenge, powerlessness and calculated complicity.


Ari Gold


Ari Gold from Entourage

For those of us who work normal middle-income jobs, the television show Entourage provides a rare glimpse inside the world of celebrities and entertainment. Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven, is based on real-life powerful Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel. Ari’s character represents famous clients and closes big deals, but he also has a soft spot for his wife and friends, and knows how to acquiesce when necessary. As a result, he’s a fascinating character study of power and interpersonal relationships.

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This list is short, but the list of amazing television characters is long. So tell us: Which of your favorite characters do you think deserves a second look?

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