Nicole Kidman pushed by paparazzo

Nicole Kidman didn’t have a good day yesterday! On her way home from a fashion show in New York she was knocked onto the pavement by an eager paparazzo.

Big stars like Nicole Kidman find it hard to avoid the attention of the paparazzi on a regular basis, but on Thursday the actress had an unfortunate run-in with a photographer.

The Australian actress had been in New York enjoying the Calvin Klein Fashion Show when, on her way back to the Carlyle Hotel on the Upper East Side, she was plowed down by a photographer on a bicycle!

The photographer in question is freelance paparazzo Carl Wu, who was riding his bicycle outside the Carlyle Hotel, and in his excitement knocked Kidman to the ground.

The photographer had been eager to snap up some pictures of the star arriving at the hotel. In his haste to get to the entrance he ended up swerving into Kidman, which resulted in both of them falling to the ground and leaving her heels lying on the pavement.

Luckily for the actress, help was close at hand. Her assistants quickly lifted her from the ground, put her shoes back on and ushered her inside.

The ambulance and police were called to the scene after the incident to check on the starlet while the embarrassed pap continued to lay in shock on the pavement.

According to a witness for TMZ, Wu appeared to try and avoid the actress by hitting the brakes, but unfortunately for him he was not able to stop in time.

A photographer at the scene told TMZ that Kidman told Wu that she wanted to press charges.

TMZ reports that although the police will write Wu a ticket for illegally riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, they will not arrest him for anything more serious.

So was Kidman seriously injured? According to another witness, the actress appeared to be more shocked than anything else.

The witness revealed to Us Weekly, “She looked hurt, but there wasn’t any blood. She put her shoes back on and ran into the Carlyle.”

Clearly, not a good day for Kidman or the paparazzo!

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