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Super Fun Night premiere photos: It’s ladies’ night!

New photos have been released for ABC’s Super Fun Night, starring Rebel Wilson. It looks like these girls know how to par-tay!

Super Fun Night

ABC’s new series, Super Fun Night, premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 2. The show stars Rebel Wilson as junior attorney Kimmie Boubier, with Liza Lapira and Lauren Ash as Kimmie’s two best friends, Helen-Alice (yep, that’s really her name) and Marika.

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The three best friends like to blow off a little steam after a long week at work and have had a standing date every Friday night for the past 13 years. The girls have seen it all and even have a motto for what they’ve dubbed “Friday Night Fun Night,” which is: “Always together! Always inside!”

Kimmie’s new promotion, and her interest in a handsome, British attorney, threaten to put the girls’ Friday-night tradition on the shelf, but Kimmie is determined to show her friends that she can do it all.

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In the brand new photos, it’s plain to see that Kimmie and her friends like to have fun, no matter how awkward they look doing it.

Super Fun Night

Is that the Thriller dance or are they just imitating cats?

Super Fun Night

This one says: “Oh yeah, we know how to par-taaay!”

Super Fun Night

The ladies show their appreciation for a hottie on the dance floor.

Super Fun Night

And now they’ve got the whole club hopping.

Super Fun Night

Marika says: “Peace!”

Super Fun Night

Helen-Alice is adorably awkward.

Super Fun Night

Kimmie won’t let anything stop her from having a good time.

Images courtesy of ABC

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