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Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez to collaborate on new song

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez are both at the top of their game, but what would happen if two of the biggest pop stars in the world paired up?

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez got up on stage together last month during the last show of Swift’s Red tour, and it looks like they may soon be performing together again.

It’s being reported that J-Lo will be collaborating with Swift for a song on Lopez’s new album.

“Both of them are huge fans of each other and excited to work together!” a source reportedly told Us Weekly.

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Swift and Lopez have a lot in common. They are both A-list pop stars, but both also have acting careers. Swift posted footage from backstage at the show, and Lopez was nothing but gracious to the singer and her crew.

“Thank you so much for allowing our family to come and be a part of your family,” J-Lo said during a huddle before the song. “To create a beautiful moment, thank you, Taylor, for being so gracious and beautiful and loving me enough to have me be here tonight. I feel very blessed to be able to share the stage with you, and I just hope that everybody has the best show that they could ever have.”

Lopez then returned the favor to Swift by inviting her up on stage at her Staples Center concert. Both singers tweeted about the performance later.

But as far as a collaboration goes, it seems to be news to both singers.

“I’ve heard those rumors,” Swift told Yahoo on Monday. “I just read them on the Internet, and that’s the first I’ve heard of them.”

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But Swift didn’t say it would never happen, and seemed to leave the door open to any possibilities.

“She has my number, and I never say never,” Swift added (except when it comes to getting back together of course).

Lopez, who will soon be returning to American Idol, hasn’t yet commented on the rumors.

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