SheKnows Hangout: Live Q&A with Serinda Swan

Sep 11, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET

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Swan stars in Graceland as Paige, the one person Mike is trusting right now to help him in his investigation into Briggs. Paige wasn't too happy when she learned that Mike had moved into Graceland as a rat, but she's slowly been brought over to his side.

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This season on Graceland has seen the house torn asunder as nearly everyone has been pulled into each others' investigations. Each case has been more dangerous and more complicated than the last, as poor Mike discovered when he got stabbed just a couple of episodes ago.Serinda Swan Goggle Hangout

As Paige, Swan has been both tough and gentle. Caught between the need to protect the "family" that makes up the ragtag group at Graceland, and the need to do what is right, Paige has reluctantly agreed to help Mike with his investigation — while fervently hoping they'll find out Briggs is innocent.

During the last episode, Mike and Paige tracked down a car that could lead to evidence that Briggs was part of a murder, or prove his innocence. Trouble is, neither of them knows yet that Briggs is actually the major drug dealer known as "Odin." Will they find out what Briggs has been up to? Will the audience discover the real reason why Briggs was acting like a drug dealer?

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