Supernatural Season 8 gag reel: 5 Reasons it’s the best yet

Here are five reasons the Supernatural gag reel is the funniest one yet.

Supernatural Season 8 gag reel - 5 Reasons it's the best yet

Since the very beginning, the good folks behind Supernatural have always given fans a spectacular gag reel on the DVD. The first season’s gag reel was made up mostly of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, as well as other guest actors, flubbing their lines, messing up their blocking and basically making idiots of themselves. In the gag reels for subsequent seasons, it was obvious that both the actors and the creators of the show caught on to how much the fans enjoyed the bloopers and soon the gag reels became full of the boys fooling around more purposefully, obviously to get laughs. They even started filming some of their now infamous practical jokes. Every year the gag reel has gotten better and better and this year’s installment is no exception.

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Here are five reasons why the Supernatural Season 8 gag reel is the best yet.

Jared Padalecki still can’t make Jensen Ackles laugh

Padalecki has tried time-and-time again to get Ackles to laugh, but no matter what kind of goofiness the taller of the two co-stars tries, he never has any luck. Whether Padalecki is doing ridiculous stretches during a scene, or putting himself in front of Ackles while doing things like sniffing and licking bullets, he never gets a rise out of his costar. Padalecki’s attempts in this gag reel are some of the best yet as he (as Sam) asks a guest star if they’ve watched the show. Ackles joins in by asking what they think of their move to Wednesday nights, but even then it’s Padalecki who laughs, not Ackles. The one exception does seem to be Padalecki’s attempt at a Canadian accent. Finally, he gets a giggle from Ackles.

Misha Collins

The first season that Misha Collins was on the show, there were very few scenes of him in the gag reel. Perhaps he just needed to get more comfortable on the show, but now the gag reels are bursting with Collins-goodness. The man behind Castiel appears to be quite comfortable with all of the Dean/Cas shipping and he (and Ackles, too) obviously take great pleasure in playing that up during shooting. The shot of “Cas” pulling “Dean’s” face to his crotch is bound to end up in many a slash-lover’s fan video. There’s also the part where fans get to see how he makes Castiel disappear so quickly.

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The boys

To say that Padalecki and Ackles must have fun while shooting Supernatural would be the understatement of the century. Undoubtedly, the long hours and lack of sleep can account for some of the wackiness, but most of it appears to come from pure fun. The boys have such a great time hanging out together and the gag reels are an awesome way to see what it’s like to watch them play. They seem to have no end of ways to amuse themselves, which makes them all the more lovable. It’s also hysterical to note that, though it used to be Padalecki’s forte to fart on screen, Ackles seems to have taken over that job.

The actual flubs

While it’s true that the gag reels are mostly full of purposeful goofing off, various actors’ attempts to make each other laugh and general silliness, there are also legitimate flubs. Often, because of their accidental nature, these scenes can be the most hilarious. Whether it’s someone messing up a line, tripping over a prop or accidentally getting into a shot they weren’t meant to — they are all funny.

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The crew

Another thing that makes the Supernatural gag reels fantastic is the fact that they give fans a glimpse at the wonderful crew that creates the show. With a mix of pictures and video, you can watch as the people who work behind the scenes goof off and play around just as much as the people in front of the cameras. It’s yet one more way that the show proves that it has become one, big Supernatural family.

Check out the latest Supernatural blooper reel to see if you agree that it’s the funniest one yet.

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