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VIDEO: Miley Cyrus gets naked for “Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus continues her attention-getting antics by making out with a hammer and sitting naked on a wrecking ball in her shocking new NSFW video.

Placing herself even further away from her Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus once more shocked fans and critics alike by suggestively dangling naked on a wrecking ball in her new music video.

In the just-released clip for her single “Wrecking Ball,” which is off the new Bangerz album, Cyrus is seen in different scenes on a set that mimics a construction site. For most of the video, the singer appears slinkily dressed in panties, a cropped top and construction boots.

But for part of the video, Cyrus goes completely naked — apart from the boots — as she sits on top of a giant wrecking ball, writhing her bottom on it and crying at the same time. Other clips in the video show her lying on top of construction rubble, licking a sledgehammer as if it was the object of her affection.

Cyrus sings about relationship heartache in the sad ballad, but her actions on the video suggest she’s more in the mood for getting frisky. Unfortunately, however, the only ones around to get down and dirty with the crooner are the lucky hammer and giant dangling ball…

Mercifully, there is no twerking in sight, no giant teddy bears or blaring teeth grills during the whole video presentation. Actually, when the video first begins, for just a few seconds, it seems to be something that could be watched with the kids for a change. But as the camera pans out and Cyrus is shown naked on the big swinging ball, any hopes of the old Cyrus returning are quickly wiped away.

This new controversial stint comes on the heels of Cyrus’ outrageous Video Music Awards performance, where she twerked her way into Robin Thicke’s groin. She also raised eyebrows when she slipped a giant foam finger between her legs.

The performance drew heavy criticism from parents, fans and other performers as well. A few came out in Cyrus’ defense, though, including Thicke’s dad himself, who said, “The stated mission of the VMAs is shock and awe, not shucks and ahhh like a family sitcom.”

Meanwhile, Robin’s mom, Gloria Loring, loved her son’s performance but felt totally different about Cyrus.

“I don’t understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do. I just don’t understand,” Loring told Yahoo, “I think she’s misbegotten in this attempt of hers… And I think it was not beneficial.”

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