The Originals: New series photos released

Sep 8, 2013 at 11:04 p.m. ET

The photos reveal exciting new details about the premise of the show. It's clear there's going to be a lot of attitude as well as a lot of history on our favorite original family.

The Originals

The first look at coming episodes

The photos reveal exciting new details about the premise of the show. It's clear there's going to be a lot of attitude as well as a lot of history on our favorite original family.

The CW has released 16 new photos in anticipation of the Oct. 3 premiere of the spinoff show The Originals.

The Originals will follow Klaus' character as he navigates the New Orleans vampire scene, and it also deals with an unexpected bundle of joy. All of our favorite original vampires will be central to the cast. Plus, there are some other colorful characters like Marcel, who runs the New Orleans vampire scene, and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), a werewolf who is pregnant with Klaus' child.

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In the first series of photos, it looks like Elijah and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) are facing off with their usual smug expressions. Elijah seems to be taking on the role of protector, guarding Hayley and her unborn baby from any trouble, while Klaus is stubbornly arguing every chance he gets. No smiles here.

The next series of photos are clearly flashbacks, proving that we will definitely get our dose of original vampire history as the first season progresses.

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Also exciting: The photos are labeled 102, suggesting they aren't from the pilot of The Originals but from the second episode, which is called "Always and Forever." That would make sense since the first episode will be a repeat of the pilot we already saw on The Vampire Diaries — just told from Elijah's perspective instead of Klaus'.

Hayley in The Originals

Hayley doesn't appear to be too happy with one of the original brothers right now. From the looks of those sideburns (and judging by their normal relationship patterns), we're going with Klaus.

Elijah and Klaus face off in The Originals

These two take sibling rivalry to a whole other level. It looks like Klaus and Elijah will settle into their usual antics when it comes to Hayley.

Hayley in The Originals

Is it the sun, or is Hayley's hair lighter for the show? We like it.

Elijah in The Original

Such a model. If only those good looks could get Klaus to calm down a bit.

Klaus in The Originals

OK, there's one smile — but it looks pretty smug, right?

Elijah and Klaus in The Originals

We're guessing there will be lots of these moments in the show. Elijah steps in with his wisdom, and Klaus doesn't want to hear it. Still, we'll swoon. It is sexy when a man knows what he wants.

Elijah in the Originals

More pictures of model Elijah. He really should sell men's suits on billboards.

Hayley in The Originals

Girl has perfected the stink face.

Elijah and Hayley in The Originals

Elijah takes on the role of Hayley's protector.

Hayley and Elijah in The Originals

And the two will bond. Doesn't Elijah just look like he's spilling his soul to Hayley right now as she stares transfixed?

Hayley and Elijah in The Originals

Hmm... maybe they'll do more than just bond. This looks pretty intimate. Elijah does like those snarky girls, after all, as is evident by his relationship with Katherine.

Mikael returns in The Originals

Klaus' daddy dearest, Mikael, returns in a flashback during The Originals.

Mikael and Elijah in The Originals

It seems Mikael is holding Elijah back from approaching Klaus. What could Klaus have done to invoke the wrath of his father? Let's be real — it wouldn't take much. Klaus has a really bad case of dad issues.

Klaus in a flashback from The Originals

But Klaus is sorry for whatever he's done. Look at him on his knees like that! He doesn't look like he's poised to strike. More like submitting.

Mikael and Klaus in The Originals

Mikael has really perfected that "stay back" stance with his hand thrown out like that.

Klaus is tied up by his family in The Originals

Wow, talk about a pout face. But Elijah and Mikael aren't buying it. It looks like they plan to burn Klaus at the stake. Ouch.

Photo credits: The CW