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Dexter spoilers: Will Deb die?

The ending of Dexter is just a few weeks away — and rumors are flying. So what will be the fate of our favorite serial killer? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the most likely spoilers for you.

Deb and Quinn in Dexter

Anything is game right now on the Internet regarding the series finale of Dexter. Some sites are claiming the serial killer will finally get caught, while others claim he escapes the country happily and safely with Harrison.

WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you want to read possible spoilers regarding Dexter‘s series finale.

Obviously, Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything, so all we’ve got are educated guesses. However, here are the consistent themes that are most likely to play out during the series finale:

1. Dexter escapes the country

It doesn’t look like Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is headed for the death penalty. According to the synopsis leak Reddit claims to have, Dexter will, in fact, leave the country with Hannah and Harrison. After dealing with Evelyn and Saxon, Dexter will find peace with himself and his family.

No word on whether Harrison will follow in Daddy’s footsteps, but it seems unlikely. In fact, Quinn might be the one to take over for Dexter in Miami. (More on that below.) 

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2. Deb dies

How, we don’t know. Some sites claim Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is shot by Saxon, which seems likely. Other sites are claiming that Dexter realizes his sister’s instability and threat and kills her himself.

We think it’s highly unlikely that Dexter will pull the trigger. After all, this season has devoted itself to Dexter finding inner peace. He has fought Evelyn multiple times to prove he does have a conscience and is capable of empathy, and if he were to kill Deb, it would negate everything. However, Deb’s death does seem imminent at this point. Her death will free Dexter to live his life with Hannah without the guilt of choosing to be with Hannah or leaving Deb behind.

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3. Quinn finds out about Dexter

Most sites are claiming that Quinn’s discovery will not lead to Dexter’s arrest. In fact, it’s the opposite. Quinn will accept Dexter for who he is and even help Dexter apprehend Saxon and then escape the country. Reddit also suggests in its spoiler synopsis that Quinn will take over for Dexter in Miami. The synopsis says the final scene of the show will be Quinn saying in voiceover, “Tonight is the night,” thus mimicking Dexter’s words in the pilot episode of the series. Do we hear spinoff show?

The series finale of Dexter airs Sunday, Sept. 22, on Showtime.

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