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Hoda Kotb accidentally reveals her cell number on TV

Hoda Kotb made her fans’ day when she accidentally exposed her cell number for everyone to see on The Today Show.

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Today host Hoda Kotb set herself up to receive over 1,000 text messages when she accidentally showed her cell phone number on live TV.

On the Thursday, Sept. 5 airing of Today, Kotb was using her cell phone to call a new Samsung watch phone to demonstrate how it works to the audience. But when she turned the nifty watch phone toward the camera so people watching at home could see it close up, her personal number was displayed for all to see!

“Is that my number?” Kotb said after her co-host Kathie Lee Gifford pointed out that her number flashed on the screen.

“Is my phone ringing?” Kotb said when she realized her mishap. “Did it really show my number? Oh my god, it’s doing it again.”

In just minutes, her phone began receiving calls from all over the country.

“Oh my god, it’s happening. Oh my god,” Kotb said as she watched her cell phone begin to receive multiple text and voice messages. “I have 20 voice mails, 22… 23…”

Gifford — who herself did a similar gaffe back in April when she exposed her daughter’s cell number on the air — tried to help her, but had no luck. The damage was done and Kotb’s phone blew up with text messages. Both women had a sense of humor, with Gifford joking that Kotb’s calls were from “a lot of fans and a couple of prisoners.”

“Let’s talk to them,” Gifford said when Kotb’s phone kept ringing, and joked that “maybe it’s Governor Christie.”

After just a short while, the overwhelmed host had received a total of 1,012 texts.

Laughing it off, however, Kotb went on Twitter to make fun of her mistake, writing: “ring ring — helllloooooooo,” and then adding, “my personal phone has exploded.”

Gifford later said that “Cassidy never forgave me” for giving her phone number away. The host answered a call from her daughter on the air and accidentally flashed her number when she turned the phone toward the camera so Cassidy could say hello to the audience.

Video credit: NBC/Image: Joel Ginsburg/

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