VIDEO: 5 Reasons Katy Perry’s new video makes us “Roar

Katy Perry has released the much anticipated video to go with her triumphant girl power tune “Roar.” There are a lot more than five reasons to love this video, but this is a good start.

Katy Perry Roar


Bye-bye, boyfriend

The douchey boyfriend gets eaten by a tiger early in the video. We think this is no accident. How many women do you know who have become triumphant only after they shed their skin and lose their vainglorious boyfriend?

Katy Perry Roar


Gives us an excuse to watch “Eye of the Tiger”

Hearing Katy Perry sing about the “eye of the tiger” makes us think about stadium anthems, which makes us think about Rocky III, which makes us think about this wickedly bad Survivor video. This is like Wisconsin cheese — heavy and fabulous. We can’t decide if we like the random rusty tubs, the trying-to-look-bada** leather coats or the garbage bag backdrop the best. If watching these guys sing reminds you of your family playing Rock Band, don’t judge. They didn’t have video games in those days, so they had to fill their time somehow.

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Katy Perry Roar


Girl got jungle glamour

Plane crash survivors never looked this good! Perry definitely takes lemons and makes lemonade in this video, and then takes flowers, feathers and grass and whips up an outfit suitable for a jungle catwalk. Her hair looks better than most women who have access to shampoo, conditioner, styling tools and indoor plumbing.

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Katy Perry Roar


Shampoo shower scene

Speaking of outdoor plumbing, we are feeling Perry’s shower scene in the jungle, complete with an elephant who helps her rinse off. There was something about this that reminded us of a Head and Shoulders shampoo commercial. Talk about a missed opportunity for product placement.

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Katy Perry Roar


Mad animal skills

Perry really is showing everyone (or everything) who’s boss in this video. She’s got a monkey friend, she evidently trained a parrot to sit on her arm (you would have a lot of spare time on your hands if you were stranded in the jungle) and she defeats the ultimate beast, a tiger, with a cat toy she made and her attitude. (Maybe the tiger took note of the leopard print top Perry’s wearing and didn’t want to become part of her jungle costume.)

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Oh, and the last reason we love Perry’s “Roar” is because she just bounced Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” out of the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. That really makes us roar!


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