Band wars: Biffy Clyro and Nine Inch Nails

Sep 6, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Celebrity feuds will always exist and this time the musical clash is between rockers Biffy Clyro and Nine Inch Nails over a prime-time dispute and a nasty tweet.

Biffy Clyro blast Nine Inch Nails vocalist after his angry tweet

Just because you are a famous rock star doesn't mean you have to be mature, well, at least not according to Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor.

The rocker couldn't accept that he was not the headlining act at the Reading festival and, according to fellow rockers Biffy Clyro, Reznor "spat his dummy out" because of this.

Occasionally, stars are known to throw all of their toys of out the cot, and the Reading festival happened to be one such event, when the Nine Inch Nails vocalist decided to blast Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro on Twitter.

If you can't get your way, why not tell the world in an angry tweet? Reznor tweeted, "Should be an unusual show tonight at Reading... the lying promoter and the band following us (whoever the f*** they are) f***ed us on our production."

Charming! Well, since that little incident Biffy Clyro's frontman Simon Neil has decided to respond to the clash, telling Faster Louder magazine, ''He [Reznor] basically spat his dummy out."

"Nine Inch Nails are a huge band and they've been headlining loads of festivals everywhere and I think their manager or someone told him they weren't headlining Reading and Leeds, God forbid, and he decided to take it out on us," Neil said.

Biffy Clyro had previously played with Nine Inch Nails at Reading's sister festival in Leeds, where they once again headlined.

Neil continued to say, "He played with us on the Friday night and there was no problem."

"He didn't care about the Leeds bands obviously and he knew damn fine who we were, so I think he was just being obnoxious."

Reading and Leeds Festival boss Melvin Benn also felt it apt to respond to Treznor's angry tweets, saying, "The truth is there's no truth in the statement. The contract hasn't changed since they signed up to it."

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