Rachel Zoe is already six months pregnant

Sep 5, 2013 at 8:24 p.m. ET

After months of speculation, Rachel Zoe finally confirmed she is pregnant with her second child. But just how long can you hide a pregnancy in Hollywood before you have to tell everyone? The answer is a long time.

Rachel Zoe Rachel Zoe officially confirmed her pregnancy on Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean she just found out about it. It looks like she may be closer to her due date that originally thought.

"We got away with it for six months," Zoe told E! News. "But now I don't think I can hide it anymore."

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Six months?! It helps that Zoe dresses celebrities for a living, so if she wanted to hide a bump, she is the one that could pull it off.

The stylist attended the 10th Annual Style Awards on Wednesday, and was (finally) proudly showing off that growing baby bump.

"It's nice to be out," she said. "I feel like I've been hiding for a long time and so it's kind of nice and then here it is."

Zoe is excited about this pregnancy, but is dealing with some side effects this time around.

"I'm tired. I'm perpetually exhausted,” she said. “But other than that, I'm fine."

Zoe wrote on her website Wednesday that she and husband Rodger Berman are "beyond excited" for son Skylar to have a sibling, but it looks like the news hasn’t yet set in for the two-year-old.

"He's very excited," Zoe explained. "But I don't think he wants to share his mom."

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A lot of things are changing in Zoe’s life besides just her family. She recently announced her show, The Rachel Zoe Project, would soon be ending.

Her growing family was an important piece of that decision.

"You can't do everything at one time," she told Us Weekly. "I think its all about finding that balance. I think that's the struggle for every working mother. You always need to give a little on some side. If you want to be a hands-on mother, you're going to have to make sacrifices. For me, I just never want to miss anything, so I just adjust my life accordingly."

Photo credit: Pop/WENN.com