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VIDEO: Alyssa Milano’s steamy sex tape

Alyssa Milano takes her work to the sheets and gives her audience an educational lesson. Watch her sex tape!


Are you ready for another Hollywood celebrity sex tape? Before you get up in arms over the latest Kim Kardashian-style naked reveal, take a look at Alyssa Milano‘s latest work.

She had some fun with a little social commentary with the folks over at Funny or Die. Dressed in alluring lingerie, she and her hot man attempt to make a sex tape while on vacation in Cabo, Mexico. That’s when things go awry.

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Just as Milano gives viewers a glimpse of her cleavage as she adjusts the camera angle, the steamy moment ends. As the couple gets down and dirty, they accidentally kick the camera out of position. While the actress rolls around in bed with her lover, the camera falls neatly into place in front of the television.

The giggles and moans are heard in the background while the main focus is on the evening news and talks of Syria. The couple can be seen in the reflection of the mirror enjoying their romp while more serious issues are at hand.

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The Mistresses star gives her audience a lesson in current events. With over 2.4 million views in two days, it looks like the viewers are watching intently.

This isn’t the first time Funny or Die has spoofed the Hollywood sex tape. Back in 2007, Eva Longoria filmed her own skit for the site that made fun of the infamous Paris Hilton nighttime-camera sex romp during the height of her fame.

Watch Alyssa Milano’s Funny or Die video.

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