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Phoebe Tonkin spills on The Originals

The CW has released a series of interviews with the cast of the new spinoff show The Originals, giving us a sneak peek into the New Orleans world. Here are the highlights of what to expect.
The much-anticipated series premiere of The Originals is right around the corner. To get us in the mood — as if we needed any help — The CW has released a series of cast interviews that include Phoebe Tonkin who plays Hayley, Leah Pipes who plays Cami and Charles Michael Davis who will play Marcel.

The Originals will follow Klaus’ character as he navigates the New Orleans vampire scene and deals with an unexpected bundle of joy. All of our favorite original vampires will be central to the cast along with some other colorful characters like Marcel, who runs the New Orleans vampire scene, and Hayley, a werewolf who is pregnant with Klaus’ child.

In her interview, Tonkin shares her character’s history with Klaus and talks about the pregnancy that will be a big topic of conversation throughout the series.

Can we also just point out the girl is Australian? We had no idea. Great English accent!

Watch the whole interview above.

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Pipes’ interview offers the most spoilers. Cami will discover she’s practically the only New Orleans’ resident who doesn’t have a superpower.

“It might be a little daunting,” Pipes shares.

Still, expect Cami to bring out a nicer side to Klaus. She will be someone in his life who will remind him of the good. We expect they’ll be a little more-than-friendly tension between these two. Judging by their chemistry in the pilot, we’re guessing their relationship will develop into something more.

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In Charles Michael Davis’ interview, we discover that Davis likes Marcel just as much as Marcel does.

“I’ve got a lot of things going for me,” Davis says laughing.

He alludes to the jealously Klaus (Joseph Morgan) fosters and will, most likely, continue to foster throughout the series.

The notable member of the cast missing from The CW interview extras is series lead Joseph Morgan. We can only hope he was too busy making a guest appearance on The Vampire Diaries to make the interviews.

The Originals will premiere on the CW Thursday, Oct. 3, following The Vampire Diaries.

Photo credit: the CW

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