Kelly Osbourne’s new job: Clothing designer

Kelly Osbourne has made a name for herself as a fashion expert. She’s going to take her expertise a step further with her own clothing line for every woman.


While her brother Jack is busy twirling around the dance floor this season on Dancing With the Stars, Kelly Osbourne is taking her career straight to the runway. The Fashion Police host is starting her own fashion line that will fit all shapes and sizes.

At the BeautyCon Los Angeles Summit on Aug. 24, she told attendees, “I had one of the most exciting meetings of my life this week — it pretty much green-lit my clothing line! When I sat down in this meeting and they said, ‘Yes, you have creative control and of course you can do plus size,’ I was like, ‘It’s happening!'”

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Creating fashion for all body types is important to the 28-year-old fashionista because she had previously struggled with weight issues. Her weight-loss journey began when she appeared on Dancing With the Stars in 2009. She has since lost 70 pounds.

Osbourne said, “I’ve always been really into fashion. It’s just that my fashion choices at an early age were really odd and they still are. I have grown to understand, as much as I don’t like it, that the fashion world doesn’t really want to listen to what a little chubby girl has to say.”

Once her body changed, so did her opinions of the fashion world.

She continued, “When I lost weight and started to wear the clothes I always wanted to wear but didn’t fit into, that’s when [my perception within the industry] really started to change. It did give me a bit of a bittersweet feeling towards the fashion world.”

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Fans can expect to see a line that reflects her offbeat personality, but one that still appeals to the masses.

“It still has to be very me — quirky. [But] that’s me, so I have to [also] have something slightly normal,” said the TV personality.

Besides the fashion line, Osbourne is also working on her next big personal project, her wedding to vegan pastry chef Matthew Mosshart.

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