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Mistresses Season 1 finale spoilers

From the looks of the new promo, every shocking, steamy moment thus far on Mistresses will pale in comparison to what’s in store for the season finale.
Is it bad we’re so excited by the prospect of guns and paternity? Last week on Mistresses, Harry spotted the paternity results in Joss’ drawer while Karen’s case was dismissed, and April seemed to settle things with Paul. The stage seems set for a nice, easy finale. Yeah, right. Nothing is ever easy on Mistresses.

If Karen thought Elizabeth was just going to go away, she was really wrong. We started to get a taste of crazy Elizabeth last episode. She was drunk, and Sam refused to talk to her. That was just the tip of the iceberg. In the next episode, Elizabeth will confront Karen with a gun. We hear the gun go off and see a splatter of blood on the couch. Someone gets shot, but who? Harry is seen in another clip crying over someone in a hospital. Could Savi (Alyssa Milano) have gotten in the way of the gun? And, if so, will the baby survive?

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The title also suggests some relationship decisions will be made. Savi will choose between Dom and Harry. This one is a toss up. We really wanted things to work between Savi and Harry. Until Harry made her choose between him and the baby, that is.

April will choose between Paul and Richard. We’re rooting for Richard. Paul is gross. Just because he recognized his mistake doesn’t mean April should ever trust him again.

Karen will choose between Sam and Jacob as she enters a new chapter of her life. Can either relationship be saved?

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As for Joss, well, Joss needs to just choose between multiple men and growing up. We think she’s going to go with growing up. Especially after nearly being raped last episode and Olivier leaving her in the dust. Here’s an interesting theory, though: What if Joss actually ends up with Harry. The two of them have been getting really close lately. Could Joss be the one that gets shot? And Harry is crying over her bed as he realizes how deeply he cares for her? Now that would be some juicy drama.

There’s still no official word on whether ABC will renew the summer soap for a Season 2, but odds are looking up. Here’s to hoping because spending summer without this Monday-night drama would be like lying on the beach without chick lit.

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