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Name those abs: 15 of Hollywood’s hottest hunks

Anyone can look good shirtless, but these 15 hunks give a whole new meaning to being shirtless. Keep track of your guesses, and see how well you know these celebrities without their shirts.


Image source: BJJ/WENN

This Texas native and dad of three was spotted taking a walk on the beach in Malibu, California. Can you guess whose abs these are?

Image source: WENN

Ladies, would you look at these abs, they’re just unbelievably sexy! This triple-threat hunk is a former Mouseketeer from The New Mickey Mouse Club. So come on, ladies, take a wild guess at who these sexy abs belong to.

Image source: Facebook

Hunk No. 3 looks like he’s packing some heat coming out of the water in Miami Beach, Florida. Can you take a guess which True Blood hottie this might be?


Image source: Facebook

This front man hottie has been known in the dating world as a bit of player, but he recently popped the question to a Victoria’s Secret model after a year of dating. Do you know who this bad-boy rock star is?

Image source: WENN

A former Dancing with the Stars dancer is seen here exposing his toned abs at a Las Vegas pool party. Here’s a little hint: he has a younger brother who looks identical to him. Do you think you can guess who the former professional dancer is?

Image source: WENN

Our sixth hunk is known in various music genres like R&B and pop. This artist has recorded breaking hits that have dominated the music scene. While performing at a concert he was kind enough to remove his shirt to show off those chiseled abs. Take a guess as to which Grammy-winning artist sports these abs.


Image source: Facebook

This set of abs belongs to the oldest of our 15 men, but that doesn’t stop the father of six from posing shirtless on the beach. Do you think you have the right answer as to who this world famous father is? It never hurts to guess.


Image source: Facebook

This football star looks like he’s in great shape, and just check out his chiseled abs! You can find the 25-year-old quarterback posing for magazines and taking selfies on Instagram. Do you think you have what it takes to guess who this superstar is?


Image source: Facebook

He’s a world-famous athlete, and men seem to be envious while women tend to be thankful for the soccer dad’s athletic body. Take a guess at who it is and we guarantee you won’t be shocked.


Image source: Facebook

No. 10 on our list is a supermodel-turned-actor. Back in the day you could catch him in Ralph Lauren’s Polo campaign. Take a guess at which celebrity hunk these abs belong to.


Image source: WENN

Many of us have seen this Australian hunk in a variety of movies. He’s able to sing and dance, yet be very beast-like in some of his movies. Can you take a guess who these toned abs belong to?


Image source: Celebrity Photo Blog

This former Calvin Klein model has got it going on! He’s known for his role on True Blood playing opposite Tara. Can you guess who this chiseled man is?


Image source: Instagram

Alert the hottie patrol because this musician has got it all. He’s the youngest of three brothers who he also has a band with. He’s the former boyfriend of Miley Cyrus. Can you guess who this talented and sexy musician is?


Image source:

Brace yourselves, ladies, hunk No. 14 is coming in hot! He just recently became a first-time dad and can be seen in one of his older movies dancing in the streets. Take a guess at who this mystery man is.


Image source: WENN

The former child star of the ’90s has always had a set of abs and it seems like they just keep getting better. He’s known for his role as Zack Morris’ best friend and now is a host on an entertainment gossip show. Take a wild guess who former child star is!

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