Tension on The Client List set for Jennifer Love Hewitt

Aug 30, 2013 at 3:55 p.m. ET

Her personal life has finally taken a turn for the better, but it seems as if Jennifer Love Hewitt is having problems with her latest acting job on The Client List.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

With new fiancé Brian Hallisay and a baby on the way, Jennifer Love Hewitt's love life couldn't be any better. Professionally, however, things aren't going so well between the actress and the cast on the set of The Client List, a new report reveals.

According to Celebuzz's Celebslam, an insider is claiming that there's trouble brewing between Hewitt and her show's co-stars. Despite being engaged to one of the hit series' actors, Hewitt's interest in the show has declined ever since becoming pregnant. Apparently, it's gotten to the point where she allegedly doesn't even "care if it all went away." This makes it hard on the rest of the show's actors because many of them don't have Hewitt's financial security.

"The network has them on hold until mid-December [also when she is due]," the source said, "There is no information as to whether they will go forward with the show."

Adding that Lifetime wants to take the show in a totally new direction, making it edgier and more sexy, the source claims that Hewitt prefers the family aspect of it. So, while decisions are made, the network has everyone waiting but contracts are preventing them from looking for other full-time gigs. This is making the cast bitter toward Hewitt and conflicts have been escalating between everyone.

To make matters worse, Hewitt decreased her second lead actor's, Colin Egglesfield, screen time in favor of her fiancé, who is now the main lead. Hallisay has been on every episode as Hewitt changed the story line to bring back his character, who plays her estranged husband, and made him the greater love interest.

Hewitt wanted these changes despite Egglesfield being the fan favorite, raising the possibility that she may "have trouble distinguishing fiction from reality," the source said.

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