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Lamar Odom arrested on DUI charges

Drugs, cheating, career on the rocks… Could Lamar Odom’s luck get any worse? Hint: It just did.

Lamar Odom is already dealing with his rocky marriage to Khloe Kardashian, including accusations of cheating and allegations of drug use, and his problems just got even worse.

The NBA star was busted for “driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs” at nearly 4 a.m. in the San Fernando Valley of California, according to the police report.

Cops spotted Odom driving a white Mercedes SUV on the 101 freeway in a “serpentine manner” — meaning he was weaving all over the road — and chased him for three exits before finally pulling him over.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Odom showed obvious signs of intoxication and failed numerous sobriety tests. Upon his arrest he refused all chemical tests, including both alcohol and drugs.

As of this writing, he is still behind bars waiting for someone to pay his $15,000 bail.

The basketball star has reportedly struggled with drug abuse for at least the past two years, and sources say he leans heavily toward “hillbilly heroin” OxyContin and Ambien, while others report a sad and scary addiction to crack.

Despite the Kardashian family attempting an intervention last week, Odom doesn’t want to admit he has a problem and is refusing help.

“Lamar does not want to go to rehab because preseason training camps are just around the corner,” an insider told Radar Online.

“He just doesn’t care about anyone or anything right now. He has had it with the Kardashians and just wants to be left alone. Everyone is very, very, worried about him.”

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