EXCLUSIVE: Watch episode 2 of JC Chasez's web series, Girl Radical

Aug 29, 2013 at 2:45 p.m. ET

Move over Spice Girls, *NSYNC-er J.C. Chasez is taking girl power to a whole new level with Girl Radical, and we're exclusively debuting episode 2 of his web series about the girl group!

Girl Radical

While Justin Timberlake is busy with his solo career, fellow *NSYNC-er J.C. Chasez has been busy behind the scenes developing an all-female pop group for the 21st Century.

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Introducing Girl Radical — an eleven-girl super-group based in Los Angeles.

That’s right. Eleven.

While having more than 5 or 6 members in one pop group is strange here in the U.S., in Japan, it’s nothing new.

Consider Billboard Japan’s 2012 Top Pop Group of the year, AKB48.

Unlike their name, AKB48 does not have 48 members.

They have 88.

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Now while the stage may get crowded, think of all of the great things about having so many people in your favorite pop group. You have a better chance of seeing and meeting a member of your favorite band, they all have their strengths and their weaknesses and you have a much better chance of finding one of the members that you relate to.

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And that was the inspiration for Chasez and his partner, Golden Globe-winning, Grammy-nominated songwriter Jimmy Harry.

In an interview with Billboard, Chasez explained, “one day we ended up working with this Japanese artist and she showed us the this thing called AKB48. It was like this army on stage performing, and I've always been attracted to the spectacle."

So the guys decided the U.S. needed a spectacle of our own.

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After a rigorous audition process, 11 young, female performers were chosen to come together and put a new spin on the “girl group.”

Along with their debut song, "Just a Girl," which will be available for purchase on iTunes Sept. 19 and an upcoming album, the group will be featured in a series of five webisodes which will include exclusive studio footage, clips from their original single,"Don't Get Me Wrong," and further segments featuring Chasez.

Well, good news, everyone. We've got episode two right here for you to watch for the first time ever! Enjoy!


Now take a look at their debut song "Just a Girl" and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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