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Ravenswood trailer: First footage released

Our favorite computer hacker is saying goodbye to Pretty Little Liars and heading over to a show of his own, Ravenswood. Here’s the first look at the spin-off.
The first look at Ravenswood was released on Tuesday, and the show has paired crow feathers falling with the melodic sound of The Civil Wars. And what is this about a curse? It’s the perfect amount of mystery and suspense to up our curiosity. Plus, you can never go wrong with The Civil Wars.

Though the trailer doesn’t give much away, we do get a look at the new cast of characters, which will include Beauty and the Beast actress Nicole Gale Anderson and American Horror Story actress Britne Oldford.

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We also get a look at the story line. A gravestone with Caleb’s face. And crows’ feathers drifting from the sky. What can it all mean? Well, we have an idea.

Ravenswood will definitely be a departure from Pretty Little Liars. The show will have some supernatural overtones in the form of a curse that haunts the town. We can hardly wait to find out more.

“First and foremost, [Ravenswood is] going to give us access to an entirely different world, which is more supernatural. It has supernatural elements that are not in Pretty Little Liars. There are other forces at work [in Ravenswood],” creator Joseph Dougherty said in an interview with Zap2it. “Those forces may not be terrestrial, they may not be human. That’s a kind of story and a kind of suspense you wouldn’t be able to do on Pretty Little Liars.”

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Initially, only Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) will be heading to Ravenswood, though creator Marlene King said he may not be the last. They’re keeping the possibility open that future characters will join Caleb.

Apparently, one of A’s hideouts will be in Ravenswood, which could lead to some crossover. Do we hear a continuation of the Toby/Caleb bromance? Or what about Hanna? We know their characters don’t “officially” break up. In fact, she apparently has a Casablanca moment where she allows him to leave. Here’s to hoping! We’re not even close to ready to see that relationship end.

Ravenswood premieres Oct. 22 at 9/8c on ABC Family.

Images courtesy of ABC Family

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