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Healthier Lindsay Lohan may get her own TV show

Lindsay Lohan looked great when she took some time to check out a pair of new boots at a Boho store in New York City on Tuesday, Aug. 27. She’s doing so well, she may even get her own show!

Premiere of 'Scary Movie 5' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in HollywoodThe troubled actress appeared well and in good spirits as she scrutinized a pair of black knee-high boots at a chic NYC store, E! News revealed. Wearing super-tight skinny jeans, a black vest and booties, Lohan looked as if her recent stint in rehab did her some good.

According to Perez Hilton, Lohan is doing so well, she might just get her own full-time television gig! Apparently Danny McBride — who plays Kenny Powers on Eastbound & Down — was very impressed with the Mean Girls star when she did a guest appearance on the show.

Lohan went straight to work after her 90-day rehab stay, taking a guest role on HBO’s hit comedy series. McBride reportedly approached Lohan while on set and proposed working on a new project together. He’s currently developing another HBO show and would like Lohan to star in it.

The new series allegedly would take place in a high school and, like Eastbound & Down, would also be a comedy. Of course, Lohan is totally interested in taking part and very much wants to make it happen.

Lohan has been busy since rehab. She appeared as a guest host on the Chelsea Lately show where she poked fun at her own troubles and took jabs at disgraced politician Anthony Weiner. She also did the now-famous intimate sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, where she spilled on being an addict for so long and not wanting to face reality.

“A lot of stuff went on with my family when I was young and I grew up in a very chaotic home,” Lohan told Oprah. “It’s something people go through and unfortunately I waited too long to face it.”

After a slew of roles in movies with poor reviews, Lohan’s reputation sank increasingly lower. Paul Schrader, the director of her latest film, The Canyons, told Vulture that the actress was into some heavy drug and alcohol use while filming.

“She was taking [Adderall] every day,” Schrader said, “And then when she gets too speedy, you have to cut it with some vodka. Great.”

However, once filming for the movie wrapped up, Schrader admitted he kept in touch with Lohan, even while she was in rehab. “We text about once a week, because she can’t speak on the phone,” Schrader added.

The controversial director remained optimistic that Lohan was turning things around for herself, saying that “she’s gonna make a real go at” getting better.

“I keep hearing good things,” Schrader continued. “That she looks great and that she feels great, and so, you know, fingers crossed.”

Certainly, getting her own show should help keep Lohan on her path to recovery and, hopefully, regain her status as a successful actress.

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