INTERVIEW: Love & The Outcome talk new album, inspiration

Aug 27, 2013 at 9:35 a.m. ET

The husband-and-wife team of Jodi King and Chris Rademaker make up the band Love & The Outcome. SheKnows had a chance to ask the duo about their inspiring road to releasing their self-titled debut album.

Love & the Outcome

In 2010, vocalist Jodi King and her husband bass player Chris Rademaker, sold most of what they owned, including their condo in Winnipeg, hopped in their Volkswagen Jetta and drove south.

And that was the beginning of the journey for the husband-and-wife duo that make up the band Love & The Outcome.

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King explains, “we knew we were made to do music in some capacity, but it took time to get up the courage to quit our jobs and sell our home! We finally reached a breaking point where we needed to give up the backup plans and jump in with both feet.”

They toured around playing 400 shows in two years, living out of their car and staying with friends and family.

Ultimately, that experience showed them their true calling.

“Though it was a tough road, it was very rewarding. We became addicted to the thrill of the live show; sharing a moment with people where hearts are filled with joy and the reminder that we all have something to contribute to the world; everyone belongs.”

And from this realization came Love & The Outcome’s self-titled debut album.

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The album examines their life together on the road and their experiences — both good and bad.

“That’s what makes this record so special and so different: We were living on the edge. There is a hunger, a letting go and a grabbing-hold-of at the same time,” said King. “I guess living on the road for two years gives you a lot to write about!”

Life on the road

Along with seeing much of North America on their adventures, King and Rademaker went to Liberia, the Phillipines and China to perform for a whole new audience.

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The one word to sum up their experience?

“Hot!! As a Northern Canadian couple, nothing could have prepared us for heat and humidity like we experienced in Africa!”

But the heat wasn’t the reason for the travel. The couple had a lot more on their minds than the weather.

King explained that traveling to a third-world country “changes the way you spend your life, your time and your resources. [In a third-world country] even dreaming is a privilege.”

One of their most memorable concerts was in Manilla at the Araneta Coliseum — the same place where Muhammad Ali fought Smokin’ Joe Frasier at The Thrilla in Manilla.

Rademaker's mother had just passed away after a bout with cancer and the two were at a low point; considering if they should continue touring and making music.

We stepped out on stage just the two of us in an arena full of 10,000 enthusiastic Filipinos and felt joy start to fill us again. Music is the universal language and speaks in every setting.”

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Back home and giving back

Now that they are settled and living in Nashville, King and Rademaker are determined to keep themselves grounded and give back to their community.

“We’re always pushing ourselves to the edge of what we can do, in hopes of no two shows being exactly the same. This keeps us pretty humble, as it doesn’t always work out as well as a crafted set that you just stick to every night.”

King continues, “We also make sure to do one show a week just because we want to, with no payback or benefit to us. When we’re home in Nashville we bike downtown to ‘church in the yard’ and share a meal and music with people living in homelessness in Nashville. Their stories are a lot crazier than ours!”

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King and Rademaker feel it is important to make connections with everyone — especially their fans, and one of their favorite ways to keep in touch after the show is through Twitter.

“We get to start a dialogue from the stage each night and carry it out a little more online!”

When asked what music inspires them, Rademaker tends towards classic rockers while King prefers pop divas.

“Chris couldn’t live a day without hearing The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, and I need my daily Sheryl Crow fix!”

So what else is on their playlist? “Lately we’ve been enjoying Bahamas and Lord Huron while sipping our morning coffee, [and] afternoons range from The Beach Boys to The Black Keys.”

Love & The Outcome’s self-titled debut album is out today and King hopes the songs will be inspiring to their listeners.

“We want these songs to become a lifestyle, and hope that the truth of these songs goes beyond the thrill of the show to plant a seed in people’s hearts: to go for the things that they might be afraid to go for and join this joyful revolution.”

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Check out Jodi and Chris singing “The Story You're Building In Me” live from Oceanway Studios in Nashville. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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