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*NSYNC reunion was Justin Timberlake’s idea

The *NSYNC reunion wasn’t exactly a surprise by time it happened, but J.C. Chasez reveals how the whole thing came together.

The *NSYNC reunion that happened Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards was a long time coming, both for fans and the band members themselves. But how did the reunion come together? J.C. Chasez joined Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Monday morning to talk about the planning, and semi-secrecy.

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“You know, it was a matter of time. Everybody would ask us, ‘When are you guys going to do something?'” Chasez said. “Literally, just a few days ago Justin gave me a buzz. And he said, ‘Hey man, listen. I’m getting this award and they have given me a pile of time to perform, and we started our careers at MTV and I think we should get the band back together.’”

Justin Timberlake received the Video Vanguard Award at the award show, and was invited to perform (multiple songs). He invited his former band members, but was hoping the reunion would remain a secret.

“When J called me, he’s like, ‘Let’s really make it a treat and let’s not tell anybody,’ and I was like, ‘Deal.’ I didn’t tell anyone. I was lying to people,” Chasez said. “Look, if only six or seven people know, nobody’s going to be able to find out. I don’t know if there are cameras in the ceiling or whatever, but it was unbelievable. We were in rehearsal and Lance [Bass] walked in and said, ‘Well, everybody knows now’ and there was some kind of Twitter feed and we were like, ‘How in the world did they figure it out?!'”

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It has been a decade since the band last performed together, but Chasez said it took “literally, two minutes after seeing everybody you feel like no time has passed.”

“Essentially everybody has remained the same and we all see each other at different times, but this was the first time we had a rehearsal together in 10 years, so everyone was going, ‘Can we go through this one more time slowly?’ So that part was pretty funny,” he added. “It was great for laughs and we hoped that people enjoyed it.”

The group tweeted out a photo of all five members together shortly after the show.

Although there are reports the band isn’t happy with the length of the performance, Chasez says they knew what they were getting into.

“It really was about him and all that he’s accomplished,” he explained. “But he wanted to acknowledge that part of his career, so we all decided to do it.”

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